144. The Intentions of Sustainable Democracies, -5

The Intention for the Second Paradigm of Democracy must take into account the slow creep of social change, which is generated by the changing interpretations by individuals of the three core values that have sustained our species.  The values of our species have stayed the same, but how people interpret those values changes according to the individual, culture, ethnicity and nationality of individuals.  As long as individuals, families, communities and societies consistently use the three core values of social sustainability to guide their decision-making of their interpretations, the society will become sustainable into the centuries ahead. 

In other words, we are seeking to create an Intention for a sustainable democratic society for all time.  The very nature of a sustainable society is that it is self-perpetuating, stable and has self-adjusting mechanisms in its social, political-governmental and economic-financial institutions to accommodate social change.  What we will be doing is creating a holistic system of social, political and economic systems that work together and adjust to social change to maintain social, political and economic equilibrium, i.e., sustainability.   By adjusting social, political and economic policies using the constant of the three core values of social sustainability, social, political and economic evolution can take place peacefully. 

This may seem wildly idealistic compared to the existent selfish behavior of these three pillars of a functional society, which indicates our contemporary democratic societies are not functional!  It also indicates that we must bring this effort of writing to an Intention of sustainable democracies using the three core values of social sustainability, now.  Because of the universal nature of the those values, the Intention we write will also be applicable to all other democratic nations that desire to become sustainable into the centuries ahead.  What the signers of the Declaration of Independence have begun, we must continue their work and not squander the social, political and economic inertial that has been building for the last 239 years. 

What the founders did not have available to create a long enduring and sustainable democratic society were those three timeless values.  They were extreme revolutionaries in those times, with the greatest desire to create a nation that was free from the dictates of a king.  What they did was truly revolutionary by turning the hierarchy of monarchical authority upside down, with citizens as the ultimate authority for the conduct of government.  It is our chore to now carry our democratic nations evolutionarily into a perpetuating and socially sustainable future.