78. The Majority Disadvantage

Perhaps the most egregious, longest lasting and most pervasive “minority treatment” that has ever existed in the history of Homo sapiens is the treatment that has burdened a majority!!!  Women.  Women are the the majority population in almost all democratic nations of the world.  (Ref.).  Yet, they are distinguished almost universally as “less than” men in respect to their career advancement, earnings, positions of authority, control and power even though they are in control of most of the money in the world.  Check out this link.

What you are seeing in all of this is a global culture of a majority that does not act as a majority.  The problem facing women as the dominant decision-maker in personal and family decisions is that their area of influence is within the family.  Historically and culturally, women have been the dominant enculturating influence in the home.  So why is almost every generation male-dominated in the social, political and economic-financial pillars of our societies?  I propose that it is because women have a self-enculturating tendency to accept the subordinate role in the management and operation of the three pillars of society.  Being a male, I could easily be wrong.  

Fortunately for all civilizations for all time (maybe this is too inclusive?) women generally have provided the INSIDE structures of society while men have provided the OUTSIDE structures of society.  It appears the fortitude and influence of women, not men, have helped humankind to evolve socially.  Women seem to express and nurture from the heart, while men do so from the head.  In some ways this is a natural and complemental relationship.  But, as societies develop more complex relationship interaction between individuals, organizations, society, culture, corporations and government, the innate skills of the world’s majority population must bring those social and familial skills into play in those evolving relationships.  As a global group, men simply do not have the innate social presence of mind, maturity and skills, to do so.  

Somehow men and women who are cultural creatives, those who are well balanced between their female-male energies, those who can discern their more effective innate resources will begin to appreciate what women naturally bring to any social environment.  Only by engaging the innate, complemental skills of both women and men will our children, their eventual families, communities and societies become sustainable.  Women must initiate this effort, as men surely will not.  As a gender, men are not inclined to be socially sustainable.  It’s time to “Women-Up!” ladies.