Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
534 2020-03-23 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 86 – State of the World Daniel Raphael Cataclysms
533 2020-03-22 Trinity Teacher Uteah Find your Way Through this Peril Chris Thought Adjuster
532 2020-03-11 Monjoronson A Difficult Situation Michel Levasseur Cataclysms
531 2020-03-03 Monjoronson Be ready Michel Levasseur Cataclysms
530 2020-03-15 Trinity Teacher Uteah Fearful Thoughts Seek an Equilibrium Chris Surviving
529 2020-03-09 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 85 – Preparedness, Working Together Daniel Raphael Economics
528 2019-11-19 Trinity Teacher Uteah About Jesus unsought induction into the Hall of Fame Anyas Christ
527 2020-03-08 Trinity Teacher Uteah Coordinate the Planning of your Life Chris Thought Adjuster
526 2020-02-24 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 84 – Coming Together, Fusion, Brain, Bullying Daniel Raphael Healthcare
525 2020-02-05 The Damascus Scribe (Sananda) The New Coronavirus, a Pandemic George Barnard Cataclysms
524 2020-03-01 Trinity Teacher Uteah Exercise for Conscious Coordination Chris Thought Adjuster
523 2020-02-16 I AM We are on a Treasure Hunt Chris Personality development
522 2020-02-10 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 83 – Climate, Virus, Zero-Point Energy, Studies Daniel Raphael Energy
521 2020-02-09 Trinity Teacher Uteah Experience “The Way” Chris Personality development
520 2010-10-10 Unknown Teacher Anchors of Light Chris Personality development
519 2019-09-29 The Beloved One Once The Veil Is Finally Lifted Lytske Thought Adjuster
518 2020-01-27 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 82 – Women, Feminine, Planetary Management Daniel Raphael Society
517 2020-02-02 Trinity Teacher Uteah Eight Steps to Conscious Co-creation Chris Consciousness
516 2020-01-26 Trinity Teacher Uteah Become a Powerful Unified Expression Chris Thought Adjuster
515 2020-01-13 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 81 – Reform, Punishment, Mass Migration Daniel Raphael Politics
514 2019-08-25 The Beloved One A Song shall Be Composed Lytske Thought Adjuster
513 2020-01-19 Trinity Teacher Uteah The Personal Focus of God Within You Chris Thought Adjuster
512 2019-11-18 Trinity Teacher Uteah Always within earshot Anyas Christ
511 2019-08-19 The Beloved One An Abundance of Unconditional Love Lytske Faith, Morality, Love
510 2019-12-30 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 80 ― Planetary Management Issues Daniel Raphael Correcting Time
509 2019-12-03 Charles Mighty Messenger New Receivers – Part 4 Michel Levasseur Personality development
508 2020-01-05 Trinity Teacher Uteah Think Deeply about Meaningful Ideas Chris Consciousness
507 2019-10-11 Trinity Teacher Uteah Truth Be Told Anyas Spirit of Truth
506 2019-12-29 Trinity Teacher Uteah Soul Evolution – a Marked Change in Spiritual Vibration Chris Personality development
505 2019-12-19 Christ Michael, Nebadonia Michael's Christmas Message Jerry Lane Christ