Operator of the Light Field - Part 2

«You see, dear friends, this is the story of us all, for we were not created to be perfect in this life, yet when we come to this place where we can see this imperfection in ourselves, and acknowledge our failures, we stand at the door of great opportunity—to live in the awareness of the Father’s love and mercy where He sees us as yet far off, but waiting with open arms for us to return to Him».  — Teacher Ophelius

Trinity Teacher UteahTeacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
In this second part of our lesson on working with the Operator of the Light Field, your Indwelling Presence of the Father--the Thought Adjuster, we shall discuss how to engage with your Father Fragment to strengthen the potentials in the Light Field.  By leveraging the power of the Thought Adjuster to work with you in a co-creative way, manifestation of that potential is much stronger than only having good thoughts in your mind.  Co-creation with a Fragment of the Creator is the most powerful way to use the Light Field to see your vision come into reality.

Many of you may think that you need a very detailed description before going into the Light Field to create a vision, but you really only need the Will, Desire, and the Idea for what you want to see manifest in reality.  Working with your Thought Adjuster will be that co-creative expression that springs to life in your mind when you set your intention to create a vision.  You will see that when you bring the THOUGHT ADJUSTER into the meditative state with you and you are sharing this blissful oneness of feeling connected to the Thought Adjuster and to all things in the universe, a plethora of opportunity presents itself.  The Thought Adjuster will open the Light Field and soon your mind will open to possibilities greater than your intention.  This is a very good place to be in strengthening the potential in the Light Field for your vision to become a reality.

Seeing this idea come to life in your mind with possibilities you had not thought of will sometimes give you a clearer way to use your material energies to put these ideas into motion. If your idea or desire involves you in the vision, you will want to act on some of the potentials that you are capable of achieving now as a means to "add fuel to the fire."  

An example of this would be to have the idea and desire to have a new job or career.  You would set your intentions to connect with your Thought Adjuster and clear your mind. It is important that you develop a relationship with your Thought Adjuster and know that this Operator of the Light Field is present with you.  When you have this connected feeling, express your desire speaking sincerely and directly to the Thought Adjuster--talk about what it feels like to be living in this new reality and how it affects your life and those around you.  After expressing these desires, quiet your mind and let your thoughts wander in this playground of the Light Field.  Your Thought Adjuster will work with that and images will spring up in your mind that will show you what it looks like in a hazy reality.  Continue this way until you feel good about what you saw in the vision--hold the satisfaction of those feeling inside and see the vision close.  

You may then take a positive step to see this vision come to life by looking for a job on-line or in a newspaper.  If you do nothing, then the potential will fade.  If you take the rudimentary first steps, the next opportunity shall present itself.  Like a trail of bread crumbs, you will take each morsel and act on the succession of opportunities.  Be sure to always bring the Thought Adjuster into the process and be grateful for each opportunity that brings you closer to achieving the reality of your vision.

Building on this example, we will talk about bringing the vision of a world settled in Light and Life to reality by strengthening that potential in the Light Field using a similar method.  This method however, involves many people and will require a collective vision where your unique piece becomes a part of an aggregate vision with other people who are wanting something similar.

We shall explore this idea in Part 3 of this series.

In light, so shall it be,

I AM Uteah

Trinity Teacher Uteah ― The Operator of the Light Field - Part 2 ― 12 May, 2019 ― Chris Maurus ― Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Receiver: Chris Maurus
Session: 12 May, 2019

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