New Era Transition 37 – Cycles; Genetics; Aberrant Behavior

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. The arc
  2. Christ Michael, the risk-taker
  3. Cycles
  4. Are genes or chromosomes directly related to the seven core values?
  5. Are younger generations more attuned to this revelation?
  6. Father Fragments of the Advanced or Supreme types
  7. Exploring three areas equally?
  8. Bringing younger Transmitter/Receivers on line
  9. Areas for gaining experience in will-commanding
  10. Question on praying
  11. Question on web site
  12. What are spiritual powers doing in regard to inferior and degenerate peoples?
  13. Changing DNA to eliminate predators
  14. Changing acceptance of aberrant behavior
  15. Celestials support positive influences in other areas
  16. Easter Week comments

Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge, and Stéphane Labonteé (in absentia).

Invocation: Jeff

March 26, 2018

1. The arc

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa and I am here. I am glad to be here and welcome to another day. This morning This One received a metaphor from us as to the situation in his life and much of the Correcting Time and all of the mortal helpers that we have who are so eager to move forward with our Correcting Time programs. The metaphor was this: That you are in an airplane that has been completely removed of all barriers inside and it is one of those airplanes that accelerates and then takes a great arc up into the air and near to the apogee of the arc, the people who are passengers in the airplane are weightless for upwards of one minute to two minutes. You are floating around seeking to find a handhold and perhaps you may even feel nauseous at the lack of contact with the surface or an orientation of what is up or down. That is where many of you are at this time; at you are at the apogee of our Correcting Time programs in preparation for implementation.

We have spoken to you at length about the implementation, and then we have spoken to you about the times between the end of the program development and the actual time of implementation. There is an adjustment time that takes place. And so as the course of life in this arc takes you through the apogee and into the descent, you will slowly come in contact with programs that will be implemented. This completes the metaphor. We know it is uncomfortable for you and those of you who have dedicated your whole lives to the pursuit of helping Christ Michael in the Correcting Time programs, you feel almost abandoned; you feel as though you have lost purpose and that there is no hope that you see at the end of these programs. Please be assured that you are needed, you will be used and the implementation programs will begin shortly. It does not sit well with us to say this over and over again that the implementation time will begin soon, but I assure you that all the programs and developments have been in process of development. So too that time, those resources of millions of celestial hours and human person hours will definitely be used and engaged. It is much like an “angel investor,”—and the pun is intentional—the angel investor that invests a great deal of money into the startup programs that may or may not have much evident value in the immediate future, but in the mid-term and long-term it would appear that there are great rewards to be had from this early investment, which may seem marginal and highly risk-taking.

2. Christ Michael, the risk-taker

This is the work of Christ Michael; he is a risk-taker, you might say, because he truly believes in his mortal children to bend their ways as individuals and as families and societies and civilizations to learn how to live sustainably in peace and in progress and growth for individuals and the whole civilization. The planets that were in quarantine now give him a tremendous opportunity to implement numerous programs that could be generally called the Correcting Time programs for all of these worlds. Some are far ahead of Urantia in their progress to transform themselves into a nascent planet and civilization that is beginning the early phases of the Days of Light and Life. They have begun to enjoy social, political and economic stability, which lends greatly to the lack of hostilities and so on, among the different cultures on those planets. This has yet to be learned on this planet. There are so many individuals at the local level and at the national and international levels who seem to be consumed with taking apart the progress of your civilization, your societies and your nations. The ultimate goal of course, is oneness, wholeness, singleness of purpose and culture, even language. You can see that your world has a great deal to overcome and to transform itself into one of those nascent, budding cultures of early Light and Life.

We are open for questions if you have any.

3. Cycles

Jeff: I have two questions that are related. I wish to ask you about cycles. We know of the approximate 11 year sunspot cycle and that the earth is now temporarily cooling. A man named Ivan Browning chronicled a long history of migration in the Levant of nomadic people moving sheep north and south, seeking grazing for animals, mostly sheep I presume. Now, since the earth is past its “carrying capacity of humanity,” and we are destroying the bottom of the food chain at all levels, how will the current climate cycle affect the implementation of the seven core values? And secondly, how should or could we address this issue in our syllabus?

MACHIVENTA: Please separate your questions and do not combine them. In your second statement, I would like to address that individually. As for your first question, the cycle of the sun is directly related to the weather—literally the weather on your planet—and although that global warming is a long-term trend, the cooling of the sun will counteract that to some degree. You can anticipate before that balancing comes about there will be those great cataclysms, which we have mentioned. Remarkably, just as a long railroad rail expands and lengthens even through one or two degrees of increase in temperature, and likewise would decrease in temperature, so too the mantle of your world is affected by the sun. This change occurs slowly so that there is a lag in your world due to tectonic and volcanic activities. There will be a balancing eventually, but not until humanity has suffered great decimations in this process. What you are seeing in the 11 year cycle is only one small cycle within much greater cycles of decades and centuries and millennia. Your world has gone through a mini-ice age approximately 400-600 years ago. This caused tremendous population loss in your world at that time and made individuals stay at home and give thought to their situation. So too, this will occur on your world at this time, though many people’s lives are dependent upon leaving their homes and going out to earn a living.

Now, please restate your second question.

Jeff: In this cyclicality we are currently facing, is this an issue that we should put in our course work, teaching the seven core values?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, but let me qualify that greatly. We would seek for you to plant seeds concerning this, rather than spending even 15 min. or a ½ hour of class time to this. It is wise to make students, faculty and others aware of what is impending, and point to scientific literature that would support that. We would be remiss in telling you otherwise; it is important that this be made matter-of-factly to your audience and to students, and that you not aggrandize or dramatize the tragedies that will ensue. The individuals are quite aware of the calamities of weather on the East Coast of the United States, for example. This is just one of numerous areas throughout the world that has suffered greatly from weather change.

If you have further questions regarding this, you are welcome to ask.

4. Are genes or chromosomes directly related to the seven core values?

Roxie: Machiventa, this is Stéphane in absentia. [He is in the air flying at the moment but he sent me his questions to ask.]

1) “You’ve mentioned the seven core values are engrained in our DNA and have sustained the human race since Anton and Fonta. Our understanding of DNA is more aligned with physical inheritance and character traits. Self preservation and care of off-spring would be character traits closest to the seven values. Does spirit work with DNA in some ways to extend basic self preservation to quality, growth and equality; and extends care to empathy, compassion and love? Or are you suggesting we have some genes or chromosome directly related to the seven core values?”

MACHIVENTA: You have genes, structures within chromosomes that are directly related to these values. Yes, there are traits and characteristics as they express them in individuals’ lives. What you have not mentioned is that DNA genes are imprinted by your social behavior and by your mate selection and producing progeny. It is important that a much more intentional and conscious effort be made by those who marry, those who come together to produce children that they would do so with a thought for improving your species. We are not so much concerned about race, culture, ethnicity or gender, but that the individuals see this as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. Once this is accomplished in the new generation, it is important that parents then know how and what to teach their children and how to teach their children so that they are enculturated and socialized with the best practices of parenting and childrearing. This has a very, very important and direct imprint and impact upon the genes and chromosomes. This (epigenesis) is being proven out day-by-day in the laboratories of your societies. It is important that this be given attention and connected to mate selection and child production for each new generation.

5. Are younger generations more attuned to this revelation?

2) “Regarding human leadership of the Correcting Time and the deployment of the seven core values, I cannot help but notice the youth taking to the streets this weekend in manifestations for gun control. Are younger generations more attuned to receiving this revelation, or extension of evolution? Will the older generation have a lesser role?”

MACHIVENTA: The first part of the question first: Yes, these generations are becoming more and more receptive to the influences of the higher vibration that the Angelic Corps has been implementing for some time. You see that the generations that came out of WWI the Depression and WWII, brought along the baby boomers who became the executives and leaders of the 50’s and 60’s, and some of whom are still in executive rolls within government and corporations and economies, though their influence is waning. It is important that this new generation be given this value system of the seven values, so that they can use that to implement the changes that they see are necessary in their government and societies and economies. 

In the large scope of these generations, and these generations will continue to move on, is that they have not seen any hope within traditional roles of executive leadership and frown upon how the older generations have handled their societal, political, and economic responsibilities. The further difficulties of these younger generations is that they do not have a moral lever—a values lever—to work against the old traditional ways of doing business. These children are capable of thinking in many different ways, rather than the linear, masculine, dominating hierarchical forms that these children see around them. There must be a moral and ethical means for them to rationally argue against the old traditional processes. The means of their empowerment are within the 7 values, which we have begun to disseminate and share with each generation. You see then, the great importance of academic enculturation of these young generations. It is our hope that at the same time that this type of education would be also planted in secondary and elementary classroom settings, both private and public. The older generations of these children are now beginning to have their own children and have great concerns for future generations. Older generations saw the necessity of survival at its most basic level; therefore you can see this as it works out in the immense greed and avarice of acquisitions within those people who have power and authority. They are simply working out the angst that they were taught by their parents who came out of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and earlier.

6. Father Fragments of the Advanced or Supreme types

3) “In a recent 11:11 progress group post, it was mentioned that one quarter of the Father Fragments on Urantia are of the advanced or supreme type. But for those 20 years or less this percentage goes to 38%, and of those born in 2017, 72% will receive an advanced or supreme adjuster. This will surely increase the percentage of mortals in influential positions of government and industry over the next 2 generations. Is this an unprecedented time in our history? Were there similar increases in preparation to Michael’s bestowal on Urantia, or your incarnation?”

MACHIVENTA: I will disconnect the last part of the question and address the first part. I do not care to address Christ Michael’s appearance or Monjoronson’s appearance or any other similar situation at this time. Those will become evident when they happen. Concerning the first part of your question, it is vastly important therefore, because of this increase in individuals who have personalized adjusters and who are being prepared in many ways, to accept the reins of your societies to have these values brought to their attention early on. Decision-making is always substantiated by values; values always underlie all decisions. Therefore, when you change the values in peoples’ lives in early and later childhood, they begin to use those values to make their personal, social, political and economic decisions. It is important that there be a conjunction between teaching these new increased percentages with the values that sustain this species’ survival; and now that must be transposed intentionally and consciously into the social structures of your societies in order to create socially sustainable families, communities, societies and nations.

7. Exploring three areas equally?

Stéphane’s 4th question: “When thinking about spheres of influence in participating in the Correcting Times and/or deployment of the seven core values, I can think of three areas:
1) purely personal, will-commanding actions in personal, family or work day-to-day life to enhance and co-create some aspects of personal or family life;
2) working with a group without a Transmitter/Receiver, explaining the will-commanding of the seven core values to a group and working together to design and execute some aspects related to the Correcting Times or the seven core values;
3) Working with a Transmitter/Receiver as fully described in these transcripts. Would you propose we aspire to explore all three of these areas equally?” 

MACHIVENTA: I would say not equally; it is important that the co-creative process involving a Transmitter/Receiver and Melchizedek be used at the earliest stages of an individual’s life and their family structure and in their community. This is how it will be transposed into the larger social, political and economic dimensions of your societies and nations. We would see, however, that the equal emphasis and exploration in each of these three areas is highly possible because as individuals teach their children, these individuals who do the teaching are parents who also belong to social organizations in the middle structures of a society, and some even participate in the macro-scale social, political and economic structures of a society and civilization. The influence will be made, must be made. Those individuals who say one thing that is right at the local level, yet espouse another one at the higher levels of society are talking out of both sides of their mouths and this is untenable to create a sustainable society. 

8. Bringing younger Transmitters/Receivers on line

We appreciate the tenor and the direction of your thinking concerning these processes; what you see is the necessity of teaching a new generation of Transmitters/Receivers. It is our emphasis and intention and our conscious efforts even now to bring younger Transmitters/Receivers on line to work with us at the local level and other levels. We will need these as you well know already. I am now speaking with a group who are over 60 years old, and some over 70. The middle-age group are disenchanted and distanced from religions, spirituality, and the psycho-spiritual connection that Transmitter/Receiver presents to people. Younger generations, however are attuned to this and do not see anything untoward or unreal or at a distance from the reality that they see around them. Many of them have had trans-personal experiences either through trance meditation or through drug use or other means. Some do seek an inner reality with the God-presence within them, and these individuals are “self-choosing” to become Transmitters/Receivers. It is our immediate necessity in these early phases of implementation to engage this younger generation and somehow attract them to this work. It is simply a matter of the angels networking to work with individuals and their social groups to bring these young ones online.

9. Areas for gaining experience in will-commanding

Stéphane asks a follow up question: “Do you have any other areas we can explore in gaining experience in will-commanding for the Correcting Time and the deployment of the seven core values?”

MACHIVENTA: Yes, most certainly. I see within the framework of your questions that this has nothing to do with self-return, or self-aggrandizement, but are truly ones of service. Will-commands that engage celestial beings of levels from Midwayers and higher must be such that they assist in service to others. This can be done most helpfully when you see that a body of decision-makers or administrative individuals who are doing planning and projections, and so on, are the recipients of a will-command to engage the options of such a program that they had not thought of. And yes, this is part of sowing the seeds for their receptivity to spiritual influence in their awareness of the seven core values and how they can be implemented and used and applied in the planning and implementation processes within an organization. This is a field of high intensity engagement between the Seven Mind Adjutants and the individual, the Thought Adjuster, their Guardian Angel and the influence of the Most Highs upon a body of individuals coming to a group decision. When you apply a will-command that has an overall blanketing influence to all of these factors, then you have the possibility of great results. Some of the results will be seen soon as individuals within the administrative executive group have those “ah ha” moments when they realize the connection between the values and the outcomes that they seek and desire in their programs. 

I am very sure that you understand the answer to your question, though perhaps some of the audience feels too removed organizationally to relate to the answers I have given you. Nonetheless we are speaking of decision-makers who may be the only person at their home making decisions about their life, yet that individual can understand the fact that they are a factor in the course of their civilization as they make will-commands upon the good for those who are decision-makers. While I have spoken generally to you about the will-command in organizational environments, there is some specificity that is needed to insure that the outcomes are positive and appreciated and useful. You, as a person who is making a will-command must have within your mind certain specifics about what the outcomes look like. If you look at the schematic for validating social sustainability, this comes at the last column to the far right: What are the outcomes that you desire? The next column is what are the expectations? And the middle column is what are the beliefs behind this? And of course it is necessary to understand the assumptions. As you know the values, you know how to interpret the outcomes and how to form the outcomes.

We have spoken previously that if you pray for peace in the Middle East, or you pray for the good of all mankind/humankind then that is far too general. We, of course, all of us celestials, the billions of us on this planet working co-creatively with you and Christ Michael have of course that in mind; the course of the Correcting Time is to improve the condition of all humanity. You, however, as an individual know with specifics where our assistance needs to be directed and what that would look like. You would then command this in the name of Christ Michael’s authority that has been invested in you for right and perfect outcomes and leave the means to us to fulfill.

10. Question on praying

Doug: It may be a little off topic but, my question is that I can pray for good health, but can I specifically pray for DNA repair of my own being, or other peoples’?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you may pray for all people with a similar genetic condition as your own. Specifically praying for you individually is counter-productive for your own welfare, as it is a selfish gesture. Would you not want the same result for others who have the same condition? And your answer would be, “Well, of course!” So you would pray for them first and include yourself in that group. We would not disparage you or distance you from the healing but that we would engage for all others while you have the same condition. It is important to learn how to do this prayer, this will-command effectively, and this is one of the basic lessons that we have taught you just now.

Doug: I get it that will-commands can’t be selfish, but you can include yourself in the larger group?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, of course.

Doug: Okay; thank you! (Machiventa: You are welcome.)

11. Question on web site

Craig: I sort of have the impression that the is a good kind of place for Urantia Book readers to potentially gather and what I was thinking of doing was making the web site so that people could fill in a web form and join, and the only qualification is that they check a box saying that they’ve read the Urantia Book. Does this seem like a good path to be going down?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, we would support that. It must be open to everyone regardless of race, culture, ethnicity and gender.

Craig: Okay and thank you.

12. What are spiritual powers doing in regard to inferior and degenerate peoples?

Roxie: I have a question from Rick Brunson, one of our readers. He quotes from the Urantia Book

“…the real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained multiplication of the inferior and degenerate strains of the various civilized peoples rather than in any supposed danger of their racial interbreeding.” 82:6.11 (921.1)

Is there anything the spiritual powers that oversee Urantia are doing to address this issue?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, we are directly involved in that process. It is perhaps very oblique to you in appearance; it may seem strange that we would take such an oblique approach to this problem. This is an inherent problem of your species at this time; your nations exist in a particular cultural time when the tolerance of such abnormal behavior by individuals is tolerated and even rewarded in the form of aberrant behavior in your video games, movies, and so on. 

I will now explain the obliqueness that I mentioned. It is oblique in that this is a problem that will take many years, if not decades, to overcome. It is part of the moral education and moral necessities that your world must address in the future, and in fact not the far too distant future. We spoke about this at least 2 or 3 sessions ago with great strength and do not wish to cover this again. Resolving those problems will become a matter of your societal decision-making that you as individuals will participate in making those decisions to change the culture from tolerating such abnormal and aberrant behavior to one that accepts neutral behavior. You have an insight already that the lives and lifestyles of those who live such aberrant self-destructive and anti-social behavior is in itself self-destructive. This will be brought to bear in years to come as those who are not moral will make decisions that do not support themselves and support others equally, and causes a separation in your society. It will become necessary for those who are more morally informed, capable and competent to make moral decisions concerning the welfare of your whole society over the course of centuries. As you see from the tolerance of aberrant behavior, social, political and economic behavior in your societies over the course of the last six centuries, now today where even those who are in power are exercising immoral behavior with some acceptance by your societies. This is the beginning of the end, my friends; this signals the downturn of your society into wrong directions. Yet, this is useful to us and to you to point out the necessity of moral behavior to make those decisions.

We “see” that the future lies with new generations who are much more morally indignant at the travesties and traumas that your societies have suffered. The marches for peace and gun controls by the youth today in states and national capitols are an example of the indignation of the younger generation. They are open, ready, and mature enough to now engage discussions of a moral nature concerning the welfare of humanity and societies over the course of decades and centuries. It requires individuals to make those decisions now, to effect good change in future generations in your democratic nations. We do not speak to nations that are other than democratic at this time as we have said, because they are unsustainable in social dimensions.

13. Changing DNA to eliminate predators

Roxie: Along the same lines, one of the readers asks: “If our DNA could be changed to eliminate predators, why has it taken so long? Weren’t sexual/financial predators around 2000 years ago?”

MACHIVENTA: You know as well as we do that once the life course of a species is set by the Life Carriers that we do not interfere with that directly. That is something that must become intolerable to your societies as I have discussed in the prior question and answers. We do not interfere with the genetic course of an experimental planet, a decimal planet. This is part of the process; it is part of your contribution to God the Supreme to begin making decisions as individuals and as groups of individuals in your social structures, political structures and economic structures to guide your world and your societies in the right directions. Yes it takes fortitude; we are not going to take the responsibility for the work that needs to be done at the level of individuals or of your societies or your communities or your nations. This is your work to do, but we are most glad to give you guidance along the way. This is how we help you to transform your societies from unworkable and unsustainable to workable and survivable and socially sustainable. Thank you for your question.

14. Changing acceptance of aberrant behavior

Craig: I was thinking that the reason, there seems to be “acceptance” of so much aberrant behavior is just that there is so much of it that it seems overwhelming to try and tackle any particular issue when before you’ve even got started, another one comes along that is just as bad.

MACHIVENTA: If I may comment. You are right, there is one that comes after another and they seem more horrendous as time passes. It is necessary not to address one particular brush fire, but we are concerned about the whole forest of your world socially extinguishing itself in flames. This process of teaching children right from wrong early in their life, and how to instruct them in open discussions of moral issues where they are, these are the individuals, the children who will change the structures of your societies to become more sustainable. 

15. Celestials support positive influences in other areas

Roxie: Michael Robins sent me two questions. They are totally off topic, but I’d like to ask them for him any way. 

“I'd like to ask if Machiventa is he familiar with Claire Heartsong's Books, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes? They give a very human and inspirational perspective on the energy and wisdom that Jeshua, and the team that supported him, brought forth. Their perspective is both very unique and it helps us do the work we are here to do. If he is, I would like to know what he thinks of them.”

MACHIVENTA: These are positive influences on individuals who are open to positive influence and we support that.

Roxie: His second question:

“I would also like to share Khonda Dance as a way of awakening people to Spiritual Truth and Oneness. I am a member of the team. And I would like to know what Machiventa thinks of this endeavor?”

MACHIVENTA: My answer is the same as the earlier question. We support positive influences. Every positive influence can be taken to extreme and you will find those individuals who take these efforts to extreme come outside of the influence of the positive.

Roxie: I think that is all of the questions I have collected over the past few weeks.

16. Easter Week comments

MACHIVENTA: Not hearing any further questions let us bring this to a close. For Christians this is the Easter Week. If you follow this calendar or another calendar, Easter Week always precedes the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. So too, in many ways you are dying the death of the old ways and you are transforming yourself into a resurrected spirit while a mortal. This is the ideal for all of you during this time that you would join with your Thought Adjuster as Christ Michael was joined by his Thought Adjuster and who now presides over the Thought Adjusters on Urantia. Remember that you are under great influence by your Thought Adjuster at all times if you are open to it. If you are open to it and invite your Thought Adjuster and your spiritual entourage to inform you and to be with you and to guide you in the ways that help you grow, you surely will be guided. This is the process of the Correcting Time to be fully conscious and co-participant, co-creatively with us in correcting and transforming your world into the Days of Light and Life, and for this we give you great thanks for your participation. Good day. 

Machiventa Melchizedek - New Era Transition 37 - March 26, 2018 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: March 26, 2018



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