New Era Transition 26 – The Creator; Implementations

Machiventa Melchizedek and Sondjah Melchizedek


  1. The First Source and Center
  2. Soul growth
  3. The experience of co-creation
  4. Being the Christ Light
  5. Making bright decisions
  6. Global implementations
  7. The Proposal to a Lutheran Church
  8. Class on “Introduction to Planetary Management”
  9. A question from a reader
  10. A personal question
  11. Many of you will be hearing from the celestials on projects
  12. Contemplate, meditate and reflect on Machiventa’s words

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty and Doug Dodge


October 9, 2017

1. The First Source and Center

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. You will see me at this forum infrequently and irregularly, but I have the option to present material that is relevant to you that is outside the scope of Sondjah’s work. Today I would like to speak about the work of being co-creators with us. We have told you before that the First Source and Center is whole, complete, eternal, and perfect. We have also told you that the First Source and Center Itself is not alive, neither is It dead. It simply “IS.” It created the universe to provide a habitat for trillions upon trillions of mortal beings with a singular purpose of It being able to exist as a fragment of Itself in each of those people. The purpose of that is to gain experience — the one thing that the Creator does not have is experience. It is perfect, but It has not had the experience of becoming perfect. By living through you and in you, It gets to experience the process of living. This is exceptionally important for It as each of you strives to live making excellent decisions to help you become perfect. In this regard, you are assisting the Creator to understand what it is like to become perfect. It is one thing to “be” in eternity, but it is quite another thing to “become” perfect.

2. Soul growth

In your soul growth, you grow in the soul with the metaphor we have used before as “weight”, that the weight of your soul gathers mass to carry it over into the afterlife to give you in the afterlife the capacity to sustain yourself in that existence. In my presentation today, I would like to use the metaphor of “light,” that when you make decisions that are wise and contribute to your growth and your perfection, you “turn on the light” of yourself. Some of you are intermittent lights, flickering off and on in the darkness that you experience, while others are light all the time when you hold the wisdom of right living in your thoughts and in your words and in your actions. There are others, however, who are all darkness because they do not make wise decisions, they do not have wise words and they do not have wise thoughts. Therefore, they are as though they do not exist; they are not seen and are not recognized. The Creator sees that which is light that is like Itself. And we too, those of us in the morontial and spiritual realms, see you as points of light. 

3. The experience of co-creation

The aspect of my discourse this morning is that co-creatively, we experience with you doing the work of Christ Michael and of our Father, the First Source and Center, our Creator. The remarkable thing in our co-creative relationship is that we too, get the experience of living and participating in those decisions. You become major contributors to our continuity, our capacity to become permanent eternal members of the universe because of the experience we receive as we work co-creatively with you. You know that Мidwayers will engage this ascendant journey once this world is in the Days of Light and Life. Those of us—all of us, whether we are of the angelic realm or whether we are of the celestial realm—gain experience through your actions of living to become perfect. This is not a vicarious engagement; this is a co-creative engagement. We are gaining experience co-creatively with you, and not as you, but with you as you make those right decisions. Our part of this journey in the co-creative relationship is to give you advisements of how to live more perfectly; how to make right and perfect decisions; how to make decisions and take actions that contribute to your soul’s growth and to the Days of Light and Life of your world and of your civilization, and of other individuals. 

4. Being the Christ Light

You make yourself a bright and shining beacon of light of the Christ Light when you hold these thoughts in your mind; when you hold words that contribute to this co-creative relationship and when you take actions that are ethical, moral and of a social conscience that contribute to your highest good and the Days of Light and Life of this planet. It is when you have completed the journey of making the vast majority of your decisions and actions as being ethical and moral that you are then engaged in the process of service. This service can be done at any time during your life, even those who make most of their decisions in darkness. Service is a realm of helping and assisting others to make right decisions and to live in the right way to become more perfect as the Creator. 

I thank you for the opportunity to deliver this to you today; if you have questions or concerns regarding this part of today’s session, please ask them now.

Roxie: Thank you, Machiventa for your words of wisdom.

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome.

Liz: I feel I fall so short!

Roxie: Don’t we all!

5. Making bright decisions

MACHIVENTA: Do not be so concerned of the voltage of your brightness, for some of you do make decisions which are dim, and some of you make decisions which are very bright. It is a matter of staying in the light that is most important. Appreciate the decisions and action which you do take and strive to improve those that you do not. Remember, the light that you shine is due to the acts of commission, and sometimes—most of the time—the darkness is due in individuals from their omission to make good decisions, and this is the deciding factor for individuals, whether they are united and engaged in the ascendant journey or not.

Hearing no further questions, I will secede from the podium and give it to Sondjah Melchizedek.
SONDJAH: Good morning, this is Sondjah Melchizedek. It is a delight to be here with you once again; and we have so much work ahead of us, and so much we have already accomplished. We hope that you appreciate what you have done already and that you are eager to engage what is to come

6. Global implementations

We are continuing to work around the world on a global basis with the implementation. This is a process of bringing actual human programs into existence that serve others, families, and serve your communities and societies. We are well pleased to advise you that there is an engaging program that now is taking form and will soon be operational in Swansea, Wales, of the United Kingdom. This is a very agreeable program to us as it is being managed and administrated in a very professional way with known and desired outcomes. It too, involves the use of the seven values of social sustainability, the values that have sustained your species for so long. These are the primary criteria that we look for in programs that we can support. There is another program in South Africa which is very similar, but has yet to become implemented. We look forward to its inauguration and its development.

7. The Proposal to a Lutheran Church

We have urged This One to submit a proposal, a written proposal to a local Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado; this is a proposal and it will be attached to this email that distributes this session. We ask that you look over the introduction, as this is specific for a particular church that has a particular need. Let me explain that now: This is an old Lutheran Church in Aurora that has a very small remaining congregation. The individuals who remain are mostly in their 70’s and 80’s and it was in the situation of closing its doors and being abandoned, had it not been for the 3rd largest church in Colorado buying this church site and buildings and its contents as a means to integrate that church into its local community. The larger church is acting in the faith of service to this local church. It is well located in a nice suburban residential area and it provides a wonderful situation for the work that we have to do. We are proposing the initiation of a Clinic for Sustainable Families and the Millennium Families Program in this church. 

We are biding our time as This One is attending a 10 week course of classes to assist the population of the Church Leaders to understand its situation and to devise a program that will bring the local community into this church. In this proposal it is not necessary that individuals be members of the church, but members of the community who would be interested in the services being provided through the Clinic. None of this is in formal completion, but is simply a proposal that we have initiated last week to the Pastor and to major members of the Church. This is meant to revitalize the church by involving community members. We, as you know, this is a co-creative effort, therefore we are taking a “wait and see” approach [as] to whether the program that is proposed is accepted for the work of the church. We do not know. Today I am simply relating this to you as a pragmatic implementable program that we hope will be the awakening of the chrysalis in the cocoon of the Christian Church that has been asleep for so many centuries. If this hope becomes a reality, we then hope to replicate this program in tens of thousands of churches around the world. We have no reticence or prejudice or bias against it being used by any church. We are very supportive of altruistic foundations and organizations that will also want to promote this program for their clientele. As you can see, this is basically the very sharp point of a spiritually pragmatic effort to write a new history for the church and the civilization of your world. This is our first attempt at introducing an implementable program to a local community that is in need.

If you have questions concerning what I have spoken of, please ask them and you can follow with other questions.

8. Class on “Introduction to Planetary Management”

Liz: Good morning, Sondjah. I’m delighted to hear about this proposal in Colorado and thank you for telling us about it. There’s not much that I can do except put my prayers and energy forward for it, but I do have a question about the program or class that we are going to propose to Southern Oregon University. My friend Jeff Cutler has outlined the 9 week class very basically, and I’d like to run that by you to see if you think that we are one the right track. Would that be appropriate? (Sondjah: Certainly.)

This is a class in the Honor’s College and is currently called “Social Sustainability”; I would like to change it to “Introduction to Planetary Management.” It’s a 9 week class, meeting twice a week and at the end of every week we will ask for a short paper to indicate that they have engaged positively with the material. 

Week 1) We have an overview of sustainability and why civilizations fail; 
Week 2) Will be the 3 pillars of functional societies; 
Week 3) Theories of Life;
Week 4) Theories of Equality;
Week 5) Theories of personal Growth;
Week 6) The secondary values;
Week 7) Introduction to the Design Team model; 
Weeks 8 & 9) We will have them engage in a practicum where they will each serve as two different members of a Design Team, one as the organizer of their own design team and then once as a member of someone else’s design team.

That’s how we currently see this. Do you have feedback for us?

SONDJAH: I am amazed at your ambitious nature. You have bitten off a tremendous amount of work. Apart from that, I agree that the title could be changed, however, it would require you to then orient all of the 9 weeks towards how it applies to the planetary basis. It is important that students who attend this class and to the administrators who approve this class, see this class as cross cultural, cross racial, cross national, and across all ethnicities. This is the very nature of planetary management that the application of what is taught is applicable to all cultures and nationalities. This is a challenge. I, personally, will review this with our team. We appreciate the “Planetary Management” title of the class. It is important that we begin teaching the global population to be concerned about all other people no matter where they live. There truly is a truism that the “one affects the whole, as much as the whole affects the one”. An individual however, must be aware that they are a part of that whole; if not, then they work alone in isolation for their own purposes. 

Liz: I understand that this is cross cultural and across all national and racial boundaries and that we are dealing with, as you said the last time we met, that this is a university and we should be dealing with universal truths. We have, I think, emphasized to the decision-makers at the university—especially when we talk about theories of life—that this is not political and this is not religious, and I think that the President of the Honor’s College gets the bigger picture. Our challenge, of course, is to make that bigger picture accessible to everyone who participates. Our intention is to turn this into a degree program, but this is the first “foot in the door”. So, if you are agreeable with this, this is how we will proceed. It is very ambitious; I know it’s ambitious and we will have to do a lot of work putting together this curriculum and the reading material that goes along with it. We are going to have to assign readings for all of these topics, and it’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m very excited and Jeff is totally committed, so with your blessing, we shall proceed.

SONDJAH: We could not be more pleased. Please proceed.

9. A question from a reader

Roxie: Sondjah, I have a question from one of our readers. This person is the Webmaster for the new archive that several individuals are putting together. He lives in India and he recently experienced a long, several months period of time where the Internet connection was down because of a strike. He is interested in getting some celestial guidance as to where his next place of residence should be that would make it easier for him to serve for a much longer period of time. He is open for all kinds of suggestions within India and abroad. His specific question is about whether his next place, “Shillong, Meghalaya” in India, where he is planning to move is good enough to continue on with the Teaching Mission archive with less problems?

SONDJAH: One moment. Yes, this would be a better location. It is not a matter of technology, simply because the technology is fairly uniform from one place to another and it is highly competitive to be the most advanced. The problem being is the people, or the unions, who protest against their situation. We see a niche within this new Province, this new location that offers a much more conducive and positive relationship and working environment. It is, as I say, a “niche” within that technical community that you will need to find and discover. You will be invited in once those who make decisions are aware of the resources that you bring to them. Thank you for your question.

SONDJAH: Are there other questions?

10. A personal question

Liz: I have a personal question and I understand if it is inappropriate for you to answer this. I’m a little emotional after Machiventa’s introduction; it really moved me. 37 years ago, I heard a voice of who I assume was my Guardian Seraphim and that moment changed my life. I have been grateful for that every day since and I’m asking if that was indeed the voice of my Guardian Seraphim, and if so, could I have her name so that I might speak more directly to her and pursue a more intimate relationship with her?

SONDJAH: One moment. I am advised that it was actually your Thought Adjuster who spoke to you.

Liz: Oh! Thank you very much. That was a life changing experience.
SONDJAH: It usually is and you have handled that quite well. Many others, however, have become ecstatic and have reverted into some type of spiritualism and mysticism, which has actually retarded their growth. For others, however, it is a startling awakening, a change in life that is pivotal to who they become and what they accomplish and the service that they provide to their soul’s growth and to the soul growth of others. And for this, there is an abundance of thankfulness from around me to you for your dedication. It is a privilege to have you on board with our team and we thank you so much. This is not an embellishment for your ego, but is simply a statement of accomplishment which we appreciate.

Liz: It’s my honor to be here to work with you and your team, and I am very grateful… you know, I’m just very grateful. Thank you.

11. Many of you will be hearing from the celestials on projects

SONDJAH: We thank you for your attendance today; we thank you for your attention to details of our discussion. For many of you, you will be seeing and hearing from us personally in regards to some ideas that you may be able to initiate in your community. This is not meant as a command, but simply as a suggestion. This is not a duty to fulfill obligatorily, but an opportunity for service that you would accomplish joyfully. Thank you for being here; you are in many ways our eyes and ears, the five senses for understanding the thinking that goes on in your minds that is representative of millions of other people. You might say that you are our sample population for accepting or rejecting or thinking about the ideas and the content of these sessions and the progress of our work. We are not a popularity reality show at all; we go with what works and which promotes Christ Michael’s and Nebadonia’s work on this planet for its correcting. We need your thoughts regarding this, so when you read this, please read it thoughtfully. Thank you.

12. Contemplate, meditate and reflect on Machiventa’s words

As we close this session today, think upon the words of Machiventa, those words he gave us to contemplate, to meditate on and to reflect on. We have a deep interest in your success, that you keep this planet lighted brightly throughout its existence, and so we affirm and accept and love the First Source and Center of Light that guides all of us along our long, long ascendant journey. Blessings to each of you. Good day.

PDF attachment (The Proposal to a Lutheran Church):
Christ the King’s — "Clinics for Sustainable Families and the Millennium Families Program"

Machiventa Melchizedek and Sondjah Melchizedek - New Era Transition 26 - October 9, 2017 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: October 9, 2017



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