New Era Transition 12 – Preparation for the Avonal Son

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Preparation for the Avonal Son
  2. The need to print more Urantia Books
  3. Unification of the 3 Urantia groups
  4. Producing teaching Materials
  5. Not all people will want to read the book
  6. Additional archives
  7. What can I do?
  8. Wall Street’s reaction

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty, Michael McCray


February 6, 2017

1. Preparation for the Avonal Son

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek; thank you for your presence here today. Let us proceed from where we were last time. We had discussed some of the proposals for what you as individuals and as communities within the Urantia Book, Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and others would do when they heard that the Magisterial Son had arrived. So with that, let us continue with your questions, if you have any.

Roxie: I would like to ask some questions about his headquarters: Are his headquarters being prepared, and do the people of Urantia need to be involved in that?

MACHIVENTA: I would like to set that question aside as it takes us into a realm that is not in keeping with my question. It is a relevant question, but not directly so, that can be answered sufficiently by him in person when he arrives.

2. The need to print more Urantia Books

Roxie: I imagine that when Monjoronson appears, the desire for Urantia Books will soar. Approximately how many do you think we need to prepare for in advance?

MACHIVENTA: One moment. You would need approximately 35,000 copies spread among the various languages that it is written in. So, if you have 5 languages that would be 7,000 books apiece. In your question there further develops that the books are not cheap to print, produce and distribute, and so what will happen is that there will be a growing curiosity about the Avonal Son and a searching through the Internet for this individual that the book speaks about, and a growing interest in time as where other resources might be available. The fortunate part is that the book is available online in the various languages by the Foundation and others, so that the need for hard copy books would not be as demanding. The answer to your question, without having the Internet available, would have been approximately 350,000 books needed among the various languages, but you will find that these search engines will find the Urantia Book in its various forms on the sites where it is located. What will be more than likely to happen is that the number of searches and hits on the site will be such that it will bring it down, which is unfortunate, but that is just simply the way it is for now. What people will need to do beforehand will be to download copies of the book onto their own computers, so that they can share that with individuals who have been stymied at the web site.

3. Unification of the 3 Urantia groups

Roxie: I suppose that until we know that the Urantia Foundation and the other groups unify, it is going to be difficult to put that into practical pragmatic experiences of producing more books in that quantity.

MACHIVENTA: It perhaps may be, except that as I said, it is available online, and our plans are proceeding apace without consideration for the union of those three organizations. That is up to them and they must deal with it. It was man that took the organizations apart, and it must be men who put it back together.

4. Producing teaching Materials

Liz: This is Liz Cratty; it’s a pleasure to be with you this morning. With regard to the organization around the Urantia Foundation, I feel as if those of us who want to be involved in the preparation for the Magisterial Mission are a little stymied because there is no head organization that can be depended upon to do the right thing. Therefore, if I wanted to produce ancillary teaching materials for example, or to hold a class, there is no clearing house that I could go to, or place that would approve such materials. So I feel like I am just marking time until a central clearing house or central organization appears that we can depend upon. Is my thinking incorrect with this?

MACHIVENTA: It is appropriate, but not on target and the target is this: that it is not a human organization [that] will parallel the organization that the Avonal Son will bring with him, and who will be in contact with mortals much as occurred with the Forum, that this will be a co-creative effort. Humans tend to become egotistical, power hungry and want authority, and so on, positions of esteem, and this tends to disrupt the operations of our group. They will, however, be in awe of the availability of advisors and mentors who will be available to mortals to produce a human organization, a clearing house, as you say. And they will be assisting others to prepare the training materials, educational materials in the various languages for the world. So you see, you are thinking correctly in the right way, but that when there is a need for the human organization it will be initiated co-creatively from our side in the beginning. If you have questions regarding that, please ask them.

Liz: So then, I understand that you’re saying that if we feel moved to go ahead and begin creating ancillary materials, or teaching materials, that we should go ahead and proceed?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, however you would be remiss if you did not do a thorough search of existing materials already. You will find through the libraries and the “store” outlets online that there is already a plethora of material to introduce the Urantia Book to the world, in at least 5 languages. What will be missing, of course, will be the revelatory materials that have been produced through the Teaching Mission in the last 30 years. It is important that these materials also be available online, or otherwise, to those who search for them. There is a good deal of material that is available and once the Avonal Mission is here, then those online revelatory materials will be organized and through the various search engines, find the commonalities among all of them. It is a developmental process that need not be thoroughly thought out at this time. It would be in everyone’s advantage to let the hand of Christ Michael play out and lead you into the useful activities to assist others to understand.

Liz: Thank you.

5. Not all people will want to read the book

MACHIVENTA: As you are perhaps sensing from our dialog this morning, and from last time, is that we do not want you to rush into this and to get anxious about how to prepare for the arrival of the Avonal Son and his Mission. You can be sure that his Chief of Staff has already worked with many celestial groups, angelic groups to prepare the programs for the planetary awareness of his arrival, and what follows from there. You will find eventually, that the Urantia Book materials, while not superfluous are not immediately necessary as it is for individuals to understand how to use their lives complimentary with his arrival, so that your world begins to enter into an era of peace. Intellectualism of that grand book is not an assist to those individuals who are illiterate, or to those individuals who have no interest in such a book, but rather do have a sincere and authentic interest in living in accord with the arrival of the Avonal Son and the Will of God that is being expressed through his life and time on this planet.

6. Additional archives

Roxie: Machiventa, currently there are only two archives available on the web and a lot of people have trouble accessing both of them. I suppose it would be helpful if another web site or two would come online on the Internet, with all the materials from the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission. Is that accurate?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, that is accurate. What is unknown to you, however, is that there are mortal individuals who have been quietly and silently collecting all of the materials over time that have ever been published on the Internet, and that there are whole personal libraries of all these materials. It would not take much effort—perhaps a week and two weeks for a team of individuals to devise a workable library online that has the capacity to handle all of these transcripts and have internal search engines for various topics, and that can be useful to organize those topics as the person directs the search. It would be much like the software that exists now, but it would be very rudimentary in the beginning. It is something that would be highly useful to the various languages of the world who are interested in the work of the Avonal Son and of the fact that this is a planet that is managed by the spiritual hierarchy of the universe.

Roxie: As you know, I have made a flash drive of all of Daniel’s work, and I’ve been keeping that up to date, but it does not have a search engine with it.

MACHIVENTA: It is not necessary that you devise a search engine, but simply that you become a responsible archivist for these materials and others.

Liz: I know you were admonishing us to not get overly excited about this eventuality, but I can’t help it. I am “over the moon with excitement and anticipation,” and I just wanted to say that out loud.

MACHIVENTA: We thank you for your enthusiasm, and for the wringing of your hands to be anxious to help and be of assistance, and we simply wish that there were many millions more like you. Thank you!

Have we come to the end of questions today?

Roxie: Well, I have lots of questions, but they probably aren’t on topics that you would like.

MACHIVENTA: Well, let me determine that, please.

7. What can I do?

Liz: It just seems like it is such an enormous change in paradigm that is facing us; the enormity of it is a little stunning, and it’s hard for me to understand all the ramifications. I can only envision little tiny pieces at a time, because it is so world altering, universe altering what is clearly going to befall us soon, and so the questions are hard for me to organize, because it has to do with my life, my children’ lives, with my grandchildren’ lives, and with the organization of governments. So, it isn’t that we don’t have questions, or it isn’t that I don’t have questions; it’s that I am having a hard time organizing them in the face of the enormity of what I envision. And so, my questions all have to do with “what can I do?” and it seems as if what I can do at the moment is hold a study group, spend my time in love and prayer, and be patient.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. I caught one word in your discourse that I would caution you about using; that word is “soon.” We would ask you to refrain from using that as we do not present this as the topic that is “soon” to occur, and we present this not necessarily as an intellectual curiosity situation for you to work on, but as a reality question that we must address whether it is this year, 10 years, or 100 years from now. And so, we are beginning to work into our own progressive management questions, and our strategies for doing so. We have in the Triumvirate already well developed strategic plans, and now we are working on the more tactical ones. The question about how would we best prepare the populace of this planet for the arrival of the Avonal Son is a strategic question that must have several objectives and goals to fulfill, and by bringing mortals into consideration for the answers that are developed, we have given you an opportunity to co-create with us. “When” that occurs is something that is privy only to the Triumvirate. The ones at your level who are with you on a daily and occasional basis do not know the date or time either; they have their own conjectures about when that will occur, and some are quite accurate and others are wildly fantastical in their consideration.

Liz: Yes, I understand that the word “soon” is a relative term, but in my enthusiasm, I hope that it is within my lifetime.

8. Wall Street’s reaction

MACHIVENTA: Of course. We would be pleased to have you on board to assist us. What you are talking about, Liz, is the cognitive dissonance of a grand, grand global scale in all of the cultures of the world. You are, in fact, very well, exceptionally well prepared to participate with us in making the rest of the world aware, as are the rest of this team and other teams. What you will find is that the traders on Wall Street, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and elsewhere will be quite dismayed about the appearance of an Avonal Son on the planet. When you think that you have difficulty understanding this or grasping the totality of what must be done, these people will be perplexed to the point of absenting themselves to have some refreshment in a local establishment, so to relieve their tenseness and anxiety about perhaps losing millions in the space of several days. Also, those cultures which have disavowed the presence of God and the presence of spiritual management in the universe, they too, will be agog with this announcement, and many in fact, will be in absolute denial that such has occurred, and so on. 

Because you are well aware of the presence of God and your Thought Adjuster with you, you have a mind that is open to every possibility, yet even in your capacity to understand this you are challenged by the immense cognitive gap that will be created when the Avonal Son arrives with his entourage. He will appear in the beginning solely by himself, though his entourage will be with him and absent from visible view by mortals. As those individuals who come forward and we have assessed their capabilities, they will become aware of the presence of those spiritual assistants to their vision, and they will be able to hold conversations with them, and from there the progress will be far, far more rapid and you will eventually see that in various segments/spaces in the quarters of the world that there will be training sites available for those who wish to understand more about our work and want to assist us in this mission.

Liz: Thank you.

Roxie: I think it was Monjoronson who said this in a past transcript, that when he first arrives on the planet he would be living with different families for awhile while he became adjusted to his new physical form. Has this already transpired? Is he here now?

MACHIVENTA: This is a question that we cannot answer. The time of his arrival has not been announced, and will not be announced until he does arrive.

Liz: And once he arrives, will he arrive in this country?

MACHIVENTA: He will arrive on this planet; that is close enough for you to know.

So, let us take this absence of questions as a queue for our audience to devise questions and send them into our hostess, Roxanne, and we ask that individuals give this thoughtful consideration. It is important that you as individuals prepare yourself for his arrival. If you want to become more specific, rather than how would you prepare the world for his arrival, how would you prepare your family for his arrival? How would you prepare your association of young women, for example, or the Fireman’s Association, or Association of State Governors, or any level of Association? How would you prepare them for what will occur? These are not rhetorical questions; these are quite pragmatic questions, and if you were a city planner, how would you plan for this? If you are a public affairs individual to some executive, how would you want to prepare your organization? You see, it comes down to some very definite pragmatics that you are already well acquainted with, and we ask you to extend this hypothetical situation into one that will eventually have reality behind it.

In closing, we thank you for your thoughtfulness, and the awe in which you hold this possibility. It is important that there be a cadre of individuals who truly understand that the impossible has become possible, or is now becoming possible, and that you will have among you and Avonal Son who is a Divine Representative of Paradise. Thank you and good day.

Machiventa Melchizedek - New Era Transition 12 - February 6, 2017 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: February 6, 2017



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