Continuing the Shift

Easter 2015Christ Michael:
I'm aware of your distress about the ending of my human life. My child, it was a time of heartache for me as I was aware of the rejection of the people around me. I had hoped that the message of our Father's love and the connection of brotherhood would make the problems of this planet turn towards the Father's plan. The rebellion had taken a stronger hold on culture and thoughts than I had anticipated. The change began with my message but it is those of you living at this time that are needed to continue the shift of thought towards the Father's will. The celebration of your Easter marks the end of my mission and the beginning of this new way of thinking with spirit. You are connected with spirit. My Spirit of Truth is always with you, the Father's Spirit is within each person. All spirits surround you, your every experience. Live in spirit and rejoice in each new moment of your life. My peace I give to you.

Christ Michael - Continuing the Shift - 5 April, 2015 - N. Idaho TeaM
Received by Cathy Morris
Session: 5 April, 2015



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