Architectural World Of Urantia

Michael - The Architectural World Of Urantia - June 03, 2011 - Paul Conklin

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, Our Creator Son came through with a beautiful message of hope and love.  Michael promises that our sphere will become a blend of physical and morontial.  He promises that this world will become an architectural sphere where ascending pilgrims will rest and learn on their way inwards to the Father.  Praise be to the Father that heard the cries of His children on Urantia, for they shall receive the greatest gift and an end to all their suffering caused by the Lucifer rebellion.

Our beloved Michael also announced to me that he intends to accompany Monjoronson in the flesh when he arrives shortly to begin the Magisterial mission.  As you all understand Christ Michael is also a child of God and he now seeks the permission of the Father to being this eventuality about.  Still, my dear brothers and sisters, Christ Michael informed me that 'no one knows the day or hour of His return,' save for the Father in Heaven.  Our Creator Son understands that we are excited about his imminent return, but that we need to be patient as he receives permission from the Paradise Father.  O,' beloved Paradise Father in heaven, with my heart filled with love I say, 'please make it so.']

The Creator Son, Christ Michael
The Architectural World Of Urantia

My dear child I am so pleased that we are connected again.  But I assure you that this feeling was totally on your end because we were never disconnected.  The greatest triumph in all of Nebadon is about to be played out.  I do indeed feel responsible for what happened on Urantia.  It is not that I brought evil to her shores.  It is just that the gift of free will is so precious.  This gift of free will is more precious than life itself.  The Eternal Father bestowed that precious gift upon all of His children.  Imagine my child if such a gift were not given out freely.  We would all be no more than mere automatons doing the bidding of the Eternal One blindly, without any love or foresight. 

How would you feel if one of your children behaved in such a way?  There would not be any real love or affection shown to you.  There would be a deep and abiding emptiness in that.  Your children would do your bidding automatically without any real thought or consciousness as to your deepest love and devotions.  What an empty world that would be.  Thankfully we do not live in a universe such as that.  We live in a universe where love reigns supreme and where free will is a precious gift.  But because of such a free gift there will be times when the misuse of free will creates temporary havoc.  This temporary havoc is so necessary if free will is to continue as a right of all of God’s children. 

The Lucifer rebellion afforded everyone an opportunity to demonstrate where they stood on the issue of loyalty to the Father.  After all, I did not give this out as a gift.  This gift of free will is a gift of the Eternal One and I respect that gift very deeply.  Imagine how I felt when I realized that my child elected to defy my fatherly and loving rule to branch out on his own.  All of you that are parents understand this if one of your children defy your loving and wise upbringing to pursue a course of evil.  You parents are so devastated that your love would be paid back in such a way.  But your love for your children eclipses your momentary disappointment and devastation.  You hope that your children will see the errors of their ways and that they will come back to you when they have come back to their senses.  You see my child, there is always that possibility that in the worlds of time and space where free will reigns, that some of your children will elect to pursue a course of evil in opposition to the love that you have lain down.

Isn’t it true that our children cannot see the whole picture?  They are so limited in wisdom and in experience.  They may see your restrictions upon them as abusive or as restrictive.  They cannot see the far reaching course of wisdom that you are teaching them to pursue.  It may be easier to see that a child of mortality would reject the loving direction and wisdom of its parents.  But what about a being such as Lucifer that has lived for countless eons?  He was not a mere child.  He was a Lanonandek son.  He was the administrator of hundreds of worlds.  How could he have chosen a path away from the love and loyalty of the Eternal One?  It is true that his wisdom and beauty were legendary.  But it is also true that his wisdom and knowledge were still  finite in nature.  He failed to go above the fray of his chaotic emotions.  He should have looked at the big picture.  He should have seen the reason for the things that were causing him great vexation.  But even that one was allowed to exercise his free will in a way that he was not hindered from the course that he wanted to pursue. 

A third of the Administrator Seraphim went over to his side because they too were allowed to exercise their free will without hindrance.  They were blinded by his beauty and his eloquence.  They were charmed by his reasoned sophistries.  He was a champion of the people.  He would solve all of their problems.  They would be able to ignore the directives from the Eternal One and they would be able to choose a course in opposition to that One without any consequences.  Such a course of rebellion started a two hundred thousand year disaster that affected so many worlds.  This rebellion also affected the many heavenly worlds that you are all now familiar with. 

Your world, Urantia, was at a vulnerable place in its history.  You were just coming out of a primitive stage of worldly development into a more cultured and spiritual world.   Everything was progressing in a normal fashion.  Caligastia was your world’s leader.  He was this world’s planetary Prince.  To be a planetary Prince brings with it such a weighty responsibility because that one was responsible for molding primitive peoples into the advancing cultures of spirituality and grace.  Everything was proceeding normally for three hundred thousand years until that disastrous day.  I could not, nor would not interfere because I would not violate the free will of any man, woman or child.  I would not interfere with any planetary Prince that would pursue a course of rebellion even if that rebellion resulted in disaster for the precious children of Urantia.  I know that pursuing a policy of non-interference with rebellion has caused so many personalities great grief and despair.  I also despaired at times because I saw the great and lasting harm that was caused by superior personalities that violated their precious trust.  They should have looked upon theses precious ones as their children, but they looked upon this as a moment to advance their free wills.  Their free wills were sacrosanct in my eyes.  I knew that they chose unwisely and that their choices would reverberate throughout my realms for a very long time. 

But my children, I was also able to see that the greatest victory was afoot.  This rebellion afforded the opportunity for countless personalities to express where they stood on the issue.  Can you imagine a mere child of the realm, Amadon, holding fast his integrity with the universe government for so many years?  Here was this primitive child of the planetary realms holding fast his loyalty to our beloved Heavenly Father.  Yet, he was so limited in wisdom and experience.  How could a little child, a mortal of the realm, hold fast his integrity to the Eternal One while a mighty Lanonandek son proved disloyal?  This son had so many advantages and so many privileges.  Yet, here was this little child of the realm, Amadon, standing his ground.  There was such a poignant beauty in that stand.  A little child, with no power or influence to speak of kept his loyalty to the Eternal One.  Why?  Why?  Why did this primitive child of the realm keep his loyalty?  Deep inside of his heart there was this budding love that spoke to him.  It is truly touching to see this one touched by the light of the Father within him.  This little child of the mortal realm elected, with his own free will, to love the One that he could not see.  He elected to be loyal to the One that he could not hear with his own ears. 

What does that say about all of us my children?  In this wide and expansive universe, status and position are meaningless.  What carries meaning is the love that we have in our hearts for the Eternal One.  He does not see status or position because He is infinitely deep.  The most astonishing wisdom that a created being could ever possess pales in comparison to the Eternal One.  If we have lived for trillions of years we would still be viewed as a little child by that One.  Don’t you see my children?  No matter how much we have acquired in wisdom and experience we will still be mere children of the Infinite One.  Lucifer failed to consider that.  For all of his wisdom, knowledge and beauty, he was and always would be, a mere child of God.  Being a child of God is a beautiful thing when we realize that we will never, ever, attain the infinite wisdom of the most glorious person in all the universe. 

But is it not true my children that we would hardly feel drawn to the Infinite One if we were taught of his endless wisdom and knowledge but knew nothing of His infinite love?  What makes his knowledge, wisdom and power so awe-inspiring is His Eternal love.  What is more beautiful than a little child, devoid of universe wisdom and experience trusting His Father implicitly?  There is so much beauty in that because that one is demonstrating the abiding truth that they will never know it all.  Each precious child looks into the face of its Father and tenderly puts their hand into the hand of their Father.

You must understand that I feel responsible my children.  I feel responsible because I allowed this rebellion to continue knowing the full import and the ramifications of such a rebellion.  How it hurt my heart to see my children suffering interminably.  I heard their constant cries for help, yet my help was not forthcoming.  They were not able to see the big picture.  They were not able to see that this rebellion was allowed for a purpose.  When this rebellion had run its course the most beautiful lesson ever taught would be found on the humble shores of a little sphere named Urantia.  Far away, in the very fringes of Orvonton, a drama for the ages played out.  You were not able to see the ending of this drama my children, but I could see the end game.  I saw, in my heart, children of Urantia worshipping the Eternal Father in glory and in the beauty of the Eternal One.

So, I picked this humble sphere to be the place where this drama would end.  On this little planet far away from the Eternal One I chose to come here of my own free will.  No one in the universe above me and on the planets below me influenced my decision.  I used my God given free will to come here and restore the free will of little children crying out for freedom from their prison cells.  Oh children of Urantia, how I do love you?  Do you not yet understand?  Do you not yet feel the full import of my love?  Oh children of Urantia, I allowed this rebellion with a purpose in mind.  For my long suffering children I would provide the most precious gift that I could think of.   Here on this little rock deeply affected by the Lucifer rebellion your sphere would become the crowning jewel of the Eternal Father.  Your suffering would produce the most precious gift.

This world, this precious sphere that you call home, shall ever be the world of the Eternal Father.  It is here that weary souls will be able to come to learn about the dearest and most precious One in all the universe.  This world will become a blend of morontial and physical.  This world, this precious world that has suffered so much will become an architectural world where ascendant souls will layover on their way to the Father on Paradise.  You thought dear children that you were the dregs of the universe.  You thought that you were nothing more than a garbage heap.  A stinking pile of refuse in the realms of time and space.  My children, my children, you are more dear to me than my own life!  Don’t you all understand that now?  Why would I have descended to this little rock in space if I thought that you were nothing more than refuse to be discarded?  You are my children!  No one messes with my children!  Of necessity I had to let the Lucifer rebellion run its course so that the personalities involved could make a decision one way or the other.   Each one was required to make a choice.  Each one used their free will to show where they stood on the issue.  Now, the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated and the end is nigh.  No my children, not the end of the world.  The long dark night of the Lucifer rebellion has ended and the never ending day of the Father’s love comes on apace.

Not only will your world be an architectural sphere of Edenic beauty, it will also house the morontial temple in the not too distant future.   Now my brother comes here to begin the Magisterial mission.  This is one way that I have resolved to bring this planet back online with the universe scheme of things.  This great light is about to grace your shores.  Tonight I make this announcement through my child here. I plan to incarnate along with my brother when he incarnates in the near future.  This is my gift to you children of Urantia.  I promised you that I would some day return.  The method or the means of that return I kept secret from you.  But now the time has come to restore hope to wayward Urantia.  This world in the darkness for two hundred thousand years will take its place as the most beautiful world in my vast realm of Nebadon.  The deepest and most poignant lesson learned is that love leads the way in the darkest night.  Love leads the way when hatred and violence reigns.  A mere little child, devoid of power and influence from this world’s perspective, is the most powerful person when he lets the love of the Father lead the way.  Oh children of Urantia, weep no more.  I come on the wings of angels to rescue you from the darkness of the now ended Lucifer rebellion.  I surround all of you with the light of my love and my everlasting peace.  Eternal Father, far away in Paradise, this is my gift of my own free will that I give to you.   




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