Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
037 2011-08-14 Luminerion, Manotia Return of Christ Michael - BULLETIN Universe Broadcast Activity of Heaven
036 2012-07-10 Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Kuwaya, Gabriel, Jacinth Magisterial Mission Update No. 3 Michael Xavier Magisterial Mission
035 2011-06-07 Monjoronson, Serena Magisterial Mission Update No. 2 Michael Xavier Magisterial Mission
034 2011-06-02 Monjoronson, Urantia Planetary Supreme, Serena Magisterial Mission Update No. 1 Michael Xavier Magisterial Mission
033 2011-06-03 Christ Michael Architectural World Of Urantia Paul Conklin Activity of Heaven
032 2011-05-17 Christ Michael Christ Michael - My Return Paul Conklin Activity of Heaven
031 2011-05-22 Monjoronson Focusing Mercy - Planetary Areas in Need Donna Faith, Morality, Love
030 2011-05-13 Monjoronson Great Times of Change – Mission Status Update Michael Xavier Magisterial Mission
029 2011-05-22 Christ Michael The Dream of Certainty - Magisterial Mission Go Ahead Approved Paul Conklin Magisterial Mission
028 2011-05-18 Malvantra Melchizedek Coming Events Part II Kathy Apocalypse
027 2011-05-16 Christ Michael, Siraya Coming Events Paul Conklin Apocalypse
026 2011-05-04 Malvantra Melchizedek, Aya, Kuwaya, Monsanloran Melchizedek Reflectivity Messages Coming and New Developments for Urantia Kathy Activity of Heaven
025 2011-04-24 Abraham, Mary, Christ Michael Remembering The Masters Promises Woods Cross Group Second Advent of Christ
024 2011-03-13 Christ Michael The Struggle Between Spirit And Flesh Paul Conklin Personality development
023 2011-03-15 Nebadonia The Seasons Of Our Love Paul Conklin Faith, Morality, Love
022 2011-03-01 Rahel The Name is not Important Yoela Personality development
021 2011-03-06 Ophelius Winds Of Change Chris Society
020 2011-01-25 Prolotheos Being Available Valdir Soares Personality development
019 2011-03-16 Nebadonia What Is Love? Paul Conklin Faith, Morality, Love
018 2010-09-09 Unknown Teacher An Easy Life Oscar Thought Adjuster
017 2011-03-28 Christ Michael The Enduring Way Paul Conklin Personality development
016 2011-03-24 Christ Michael The Coming Cataclysms Part Two Paul Conklin Cataclysms
015 2011-03-23 Monjoronson Mercy and Love Paul Conklin Faith, Morality, Love
014 2011-03-23 Nebadonia The Coming Cataclysm Paul Conklin Cataclysms
013 2005-06-22 Urantia Planetary Supreme Gaia - To The Healers Of Earth Donna Personality development
012 2005-07-05 Urantia Planetary Supreme The Supreme On Urantia MWB Activity of Heaven
011 2005-05-16 Urantia Planetary Supreme Urantia Census By Adjuster Status MWB Activity of Heaven
010 2007-05-20 Sondjah Melchizedek Preparing for Cataclysm - Working Teams - Leadership Daniel Raphael Cataclysms
009 2011-02-05 Siraya Will You Open Your Hearts Paul Conklin Faith, Morality, Love
008 2006-12-17 Monjoronson Model for Sustainability Daniel Raphael Society