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The Elements of Development – Part 3: The Paradox of Infinity

Sunday, 7 February, 2016
Teacher The SUMERIAN

Teacher The SUMERIAN:
Today, dear students, in continuation of our study of the Elements of Development, I would like for you to participate in an exercise of the mind. I would like for you to slow down; forget about the world around you for a moment; forget about your worries for the future; forget about your regrets of the past, and take a look deep inside yourself in this moment. Bring yourself onto the hallowed grounds of the true essence of your being. Explore the living, conscious awareness of the self and think deeply about what life actually is—that you are a living, breathing, thinking, self-aware entity—a beautiful and marvelous being of complexity and sovereignty—with volition and power to think and choose as you will. See your life as if looking at a movie in rapid forward motion from your birth into this world until the present. Think about all the thoughts you have ever had up until this moment and think about the thoughts and questions you have asked as you have had each new experience in this life—as a child, as adolescence, and as an adult. Ask the question: “Why am I here?”

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Purify, Purify, Purify!

Sunday, 13 September, 2015

Unidentified Teacher:
Many of you are wondering about your purpose and why you are here. Those who are reading this message may be “waking up” to a more expanded view of the universe and are interested in knowing more about the particular journey that they have “volunteered” for. Most are here for the intense experience of living a life on one of the most contrasting planets in the universe: Urantia, “The wild west that puts you to the test.” Your planet is known throughout the universe as a place where a soul can grow tremendously in a short period of time, but despite the lure of the accolades of wisdom, you must endure the intensity of emotions that come with life on a planet emerging from darkness and rebellion to one that is standing on the edge of enlightenment—a peculiar, dangerous, wonderful, and most interesting “elementary school.”

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New Era Conversations 44 – Peace; Self-forgetfulness; The Soul

Monday, 13 April, 2015

Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Progress in South Africa
  • The formula for peace
  • The innate nature of humans
  • Begin with an intention for your life
  • Human vs. spirit concepts of time
  • Self-forgetfulness
  • More discussion on the power of thought
  • The mind mechanism
  • Are thoughts airborne like odors?
  • The generation of thoughts
  • Projecting thought in a creative mode
  • Defective thinking
  • Thinking of chaos or thinking of peace is a choice
  • Knowing that you have options
  • Denial of personal responsibilities
  • Living in the “God moment”
  • Understanding ego
  • The coined word of “miss-creation”
  • Creation of the soul
  • Your internal environment of thinking
  • The soul and mental health
  • Preexistent aspects of the soul
  • Being committed to doing God’s Will
  • Humble yet powerful individuals

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Life Carrier Functions - Revelation and Re-introduction of Ideas

Saturday, 19 July, 2014

ORION, Senior Life Carrier:
The existence of a Life Carrier is one of permanent employment in research, and ongoing supervision by Melchizedeks and those of our order. The rules of engagement regarding our decimal-world organization would leave you astounded by its complexity. No less involved and scrutinized are the timings of transportation of myriad flora and fauna species to the non-decimal worlds, for even minor slip-ups on the part of Life Carriers could as a result cause sheer planetary devastation.

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New Era Conversations 42 – Self-examination and Reflection; Thought

Monday, 16 March, 2015

Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek

  • Upstepping of consciousness
  • Bringing good to the world for all humanity
  • Good parenting skills
  • Recognizing defective thinking
  • Institutionalized religion does not promote independent thinking
  • The function and purpose of the Correcting Time
  • Re-education of education is vitally important
  • Can spirit effect changes without violating free will?
  • Effect of sending children to preschools
  • What is thought?
  • Emotional communication with child by parents
  • Deflecting negative influences by creating a shield
  • Effect of sunshine on humans
  • Freedom from material wealth is a personal preference 
  • Is creativity hereditary or can it be learned?
  • Questions on brain differences
  • Geniuses
  • Brain injuries and the effect on spirituality
  • Questions concerning secular versus co-creative design groups
  • Machiventa’s closing remarks

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This Feeling is your Heart-Space

Sunday, 14 December, 2014

Today, my dear friends, I would like to lead you and prepare you for stillness meditation and get you into your “heart-space,” for this is where you meet with your Spark from God and where the soil of the soul is most fertile and ready to receive the divine vibrations of the Parent/Child relationship. To move into this “heart-space” requires that you prepare your heart and mind for a connection between you and your Indwelling Spirit, and so your intention shall be to open up this conduit and allow the divine flow of love to move in two directions—love coming in, and love going out. This flow of energy (love) is the media for which divine communication travels—it is instantaneous, it is clear, and it is encrypted with your own soul signature and free from all outside interference—consciousness connecting to Consciousness.

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