Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
495 2010-05-24 Christ Michael The Coming Times Vince Cataclysms
494 2019-12-02 Trinity Teacher Uteah The Single Most Unifying Principle Chris Thought Adjuster
493 2019-11-18 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 77 – Nexus, Learning, Core Values, Music Daniel Raphael Social sustainability
492 2010-05-20 Christ Michael Gadget Slavery Vince Society
491 2010-05-18 S333 War is a Business Enterprise Vince Politics
490 2011-03-21 Monjoronson Towards an Ethical Society Vince eco-community
489 2002-08-11 Rayson Community Leadership Models, Power & Control Issues Daniel Raphael eco-community
488 2002-08-25 Rayson Urantia's Capacity to Survive Daniel Raphael eco-community
487 2019-11-04 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 76 – Machiventa – Multi Topic Daniel Raphael Activity of Heaven
486 2019-11-24 Trinity Teacher Uteah An Increasingly Aware Population Chris Thought Adjuster
485 2002-07-19 Rayson Community As Social Organism Daniel Raphael eco-community
484 2002-07-07 Rayson Conference Highlights Daniel Raphael eco-community
483 2002-06-02 Rayson Development of Intentional Communities Daniel Raphael eco-community
482 2002-05-19 Rayson Self Sustaning, Intentional Communities Daniel Raphael eco-community
481 2019-11-01 Machiventa Melchizedek An Improved Reflectivity Circuit – Part 3 Michel Levasseur Planetary Grid
480 2019-11-17 Trinity Teacher Uteah Removing the Blind-spots Chris Thought Adjuster
479 2019-02-20 Machiventa Melchizedek The Human condition Michel Levasseur Personality development
478 2019-10-17 Machiventa Melchizedek An Improved Reflectivity Circuit Michel Levasseur Planetary Grid
477 2019-11-10 Trinity Teacher Uteah Decisions Come from a Deeper Place Chris Thought Adjuster
476 2019-09-10 Christ Michael How to Earn Your Emotional Black Belt Anyas Christ
475 2019-11-03 Trinity Teacher Uteah These Progressing Worlds are often Changed Chris Thought Adjuster
474 2019-10-20 Trinity Teacher Uteah Influence Human Consciousness in a Positive Way Chris Consciousness
473 2019-08-26 Trinity Teacher Uteah A True Hero Anyas Christ
472 2019-10-21 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 75 – New Nexus; Morontial Communications; Raising Vibrations Daniel Raphael Correcting Time
471 2019-08-23 Trinity Teacher Uteah About the Symbolic Crucifixion of the Human Ego Anyas Christ
470 2019-10-13 Trinity Teacher Uteah Behold Something of Beauty Chris Faith, Morality, Love
469 2019-10-06 Trinity Teacher Uteah Recognize the Divine Pattern Chris Faith, Morality, Love
468 2019-10-07 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 74 – Consciousness; Philosophy and Spirituality; Higher Interpretations of Life and Living Daniel Raphael Society
467 2012-02-19 Thought Adjuster Lessons on Stillness Lytske Thought Adjuster
466 2019-09-23 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 73 – Crises; Epigenesis; Shining Points of Current Era Daniel Raphael Surviving