You Are Transmitters/Receivers

«Do you have a sacred space where you go and close the door on the world where you can be alone with God? Is there a place in your home, your yard, or in a near by park? It can be anywhere you decide that gives you the tranquility of mind that sets a tone for this intimate exchange between you and God».
— Teacher Ophelius

Thought AdjusterTeacher: Thought Adjuster ―
All of you have been equipped by On High to be Transmitters/Receivers. You may shake your head in disbelief, but how could you be sure that it is not so if you do not investigate this claim? Wouldn’t it constitute an incredible blessing if it were so? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that the Creator, whose objective is All-Inclusive Oneness, has encircuited all His creatures in His vast network, outfitting them with individual state-of-the-art servers?

Some of you have experienced your Transmitters/Receiver abilities at some level without identifying them as such. Telepathy might seem to be the aptitude of just a few but it is in fact, an undeveloped potential in all. Moreover, it does not apply only to human consciousness.

Consciousness IS consciousness. It is the common denominator of God’s sentient creatures on both sides of what is depicted as a veil. How else would your angels pick up on your thoughts and prayers?

The digital age did not occur by chance. It is part of the Great Plan to provide you with more detailed information about the ins and outs of the mental processes. Modern technology enables almost instant long-distance communications. You trade e-mails; you text messages; you Skype.

Aren’t you intrigued by your dormant abilities? They are part of your God-given personality kit. Don’t you wish to activate them? Such wishful thinking has to be followed by actions to enter the realm of manifestation.

Your prayerful outreach should not consist of one-way monologues with Spirit. How else could you receive the solicited guidance? The Stillness Practice set the stage for your receptivity. The feedback may not necessarily be wordy; it could be ‘felt’ through the emergence of peaceful and soothing emotions in your being.

Take time daily to hone your Transmitters/Receiver skills. They will surely improve over time, just as babies slowly acquire basic language skills over the first years of their existence. The spoken words greatly enhance their rudimentary body language. Babies fuss when uncomfortable or hungry. They cry when they want to be held; they smile and coo when content. Their caretakers naturally pick up on these non-verbal clues. Doesn’t it tell you that you have it in you to engage in an expanded and rewarding dialogue with the universe?

Thought Adjuster ― You Are Transmitters/Receivers ― May 4, 2019 ― Anyas ― Inner Sherpa, Inc ― Oregon, US of A
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Session: May 4, 2019



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