A War No One Can Win

Group: 11:11 Progress Group
Teachers: Midwayer Mathew, The Damascus Scribe (Sananda)
TR: George Barnard

Edited by Linda Abell

Mathew: “We’re all pleased you made a full recovery from a nasty stroke. Many of us Midwayers came to see you, but only one (who is unknown to you) was there when Dr. Mendoza performed his magic”.

“For now I’m bringing you greetings from the clan and to tell you that I will introduce our Friend and Master, the Scribe of Damascus, each time He wants to converse with you. We love you all. Later”. 

The Scribe: “Unless he is required to be elsewhere, you will see your other-worldly brother whenever we are to discuss matters. His talks will be short. My lessons will be as usual — somewhat short. And our private conversations will likely tax you to some degree. You have not lost any of your celestial Teachers, rest assured and do not be troubled. However, the Midwayers are otherwise occupied and both Samuel and Aaron have other pupils besides you two”.

“For a time, at least, I will be your Teacher for transmissions to go to the 11:11 Progress List. Your Midwayer Friends will from time to time be here to tell of the latest of their endeavors … if you so desire. In the main, I will be your celestial contact. The duration of this contact will depend on your Creator-Son, Michael, and on your Planetary Ruler, Machiventa Melchizedek, after which I suspect your Midwayer Friends will knock on your door and come around regularly once more”.

“All is in a flux right now. The United States, Russia and China, who all truly need each other, are all on a treadmill, which, if set into motion, may put paid to the larger part of Urantia’s population. That is all I wish to say on the status of this (our) world. Let us do our utmost together with you for all involved to see reason, to respect our close neighbors on this tiny planet 606 of Satania. And let us pray we will be spared a devastating war that no one can win”.

“Whilst Midwayers and many other species — some known and some unknown to you — are feeling their way with human members of the finance world, governments, armed services and the ‘vital’ war industry, wholesale plans are being considered for friendship between nations”.

“There is however no guarantee that a lasting truce can be achieved. The free will necessarily awarded to almost all species living in space-time, especially your kind, brings with it great responsibilities that will produce individual progress, sometimes at awesome prices”.

“We will leave it there. You are fatigued, but I thank you for your attention, more so your enduring friendship. I am the Damascus Scribe, who leaves you his love”.

Midwayer Mathew, The Damascus Scribe (Sananda) - A War No One Can Win - May 23, 2016 - 11:11 Progress Group - George Barnard
Received by George Barnard
Session: May 23, 2016



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