New Era Transition 18 – Reserve Corps of Destiny; Ongoing Revelation; Scope of the Mission

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. The Reserve Corps of Destiny
  2. The importance of Transmitters/Receivers
  3. Contact Commission
  4. Revelation is ongoing
  5. Reason for lack of Transmitter/Receivers
  6. Suspect information from “so-called Transmitters/Receivers”
  7. The timing and scope of the Mission
  8. Discernment
  9. Interaction with the evils of the world
  10. Finding peace
  11. “Re-Inventing Christianity”
  12. Disunity
  13. Parting words on progressing into the future

Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, and Liz Cratty


July 3, 2017

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager.

1. The Reserve Corps of Destiny

I wish to enter into a dialog with you on a different topic today. You may recall from reading the Urantia Book about the Paper that involves/contains statements about the Reserve Corps of Destiny. (Paper #114, Section 7) You may wish to review that more closely. You see, the Correcting Time being co-creative is greatly dependent upon individuals who are the contact personalities for us to share our plans and our wisdom and guidance and options for the future with you. The Teaching Mission was and is the primary entry program for the Correcting Time, and its purpose was manifold, but the main purposes were to teach individuals a two-year program how to become more spiritually in-depth, socially responsible, and spiritually in alignment with the Will of the Creator, both Christ Michael and your Thought Adjuster.

You soon discovered in the Teaching Mission that transmitting/receiving or channeling was a primary means by which this wisdom was shown and shared with you. This is done through a contact personality. As you know from the history of the Teaching Mission there have been many adept and capable transmitters/receivers who have withdrawn from using their skills between us and you. We are left with only a very few, though there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world, who are fully capable of being a contact personality.

2. The importance of Transmitters/Receivers

This may sound rather esoteric, but it is connected practically to the future of your world. Much as Midwayers are important to us, it is important for the social evolution of your societies and nations—and your families and individuals—that contact personalities be available for us to use, to share the wisdom. It is important that we awaken the cadre of transmitters/receivers around the world. Were it possible, we would bring all of you together to share your wisdom, or we would have several regional or continental gatherings for people who are Transmitters/Receivers. The one important factor in this is to find unity in a common language. One of the reasons why the Urantia Book was introduced and published was to provide a common language, a common understanding, a conceptual framework in which the messages they received can be framed. We distinguish clearly between transmitting/receiving and glossolalia, which is better known as “speaking in tongues.” Speaking in tongues is an individual activity; it is related to the ecstatic spiritual and religious experience of the individual in that moment. Transmitting/receiving or channeling is a faculty of one’s personality and one’s physical/neural mechanisms, such that when those individuals are relaxed they are able to receive messages from us, from the celestial/morontial realm, and so on.

The work of Transmitters/Receivers is important. You will note in the passages of that Paper and subsection that there are some contact personalities who pursue one theme persistently, consistently, and productively to assist their fellow brothers and sisters on the planet to have a more thorough knowledge of how to survive on your world. Of course, when we think of survival, we think of personality survival and also of social survival. You can survive as a species simply by reproduction, with or without a family, yet the family is the foundation for the social evolution of your larger societies, nations and your civilization; and that provides the social foundation for the development of a society to evolve to the Days of Light and Life.

3. Contact Commission

I bring this point of thought to you today about contact personalities because it is not distant from some former series of contacts that the Contact Commission had with your societies, your nation, or your culture. It is a continuing process, and without new Transmitters/Receivers, contact personalities, we lose the capacity to bring your world into co-creative fulfillment and completion of the Correcting Time. It is time to honor the work of the Midwayers throughout the world and their increasing numbers so that individuals can begin to experience and practice their transmitting/receiving skills.

4. Revelation is ongoing

We have always held revelation as a constant on your world and on all inhabited worlds where the Life Carriers have finally finished their work. Transmitting/receiving /channeling is connected to the genetic structure and traits and capabilities of an individual; not everyone can do it. It is not connected with intelligence, IQ or any other faculty, except perhaps social development and maturity. It is difficult for This One to sit still, listening to what I am saying essentially about himself. As uncomfortable as it may be, the message is meant for a much wider audience than This One or for anyone in particular. It is meant for all the world to know. There are individuals in the Nordic area who have this high capability, but who disbelieve it because it has been disparaged as not being connected to reality. Such a myopic point of view certainly does not include the reality of the universe and the reality of our presence here to speak with you—and “you” meaning the larger numbers of your people in your societies, nations, and civilization.

We have other topics to discuss this morning. Do you have questions, however, concerning this?

5. Reason for lack of Transmitters/Receivers

Roxie: I’ve noticed that a lot of the Transmitters/Receivers that were very active for quite some time during the Teaching Mission days are no longer active. Do you have a comment on why this is occurring?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, most gladly. They initially looked at this phenomena as something that would be beneficial to them and to others. However, many have faded away from this activity after they saw that it did not produce a change of reality around them. Essentially, they fell away because there were no quick results. Anyone who has begun to understand the complexity and ponderous nature of Planetary Management realizes that decades are necessary to bring about change in a society and culture, and centuries for a civilization. Many do not have the patience and endurance to see this through in their lifetime. This does not say anything negative about them, or their lives, or how they conduct themselves; it simply is that some people have more patience to persevere than others.

Some people have not dedicated themselves to this activity simply because it is not a fit for them. It is not necessarily a lack of commitment to their spiritual growth or to their Thought Adjuster, or to their ascension plan. The complexity of your society does not help our situation. Your culture provides many hundreds of distractions to individuals that it is very difficult for people to maintain focus. The perseverance and focus that is necessary to pursue this from beginning to some terminal end in a person’s life of a span of perhaps 40, 50 or 60 years is an inconvenience that few people can endure.

However, when you take into consideration the Midwayers who have been here for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, plus the [dedication] of Van and Amadon, it takes a different kind of mindset to endure for thousands of years. It is much like having a tree of life in your back yard: If you had one in your back yard, how would you live your life? If you knew that you were not going to die this year, in ten years or this century—or even in this millennia—what would you do? How would you conduct your life? What goals would you have? And so, you see this vast difference between how they lived their lives and their patience, and how you live your lives now. So, it is truly no willful thought of the individuals to deliberately fall away from transmitting/receiving and channeling, or the Teaching Mission, but rather circumstances of their lives. You have employment, you have financial obligations, children, grandchildren, social associations, and so on to attend to. You have many responsibilities. I hope this answers your question.

Roxie: Yes, thank you.

6. Suspect information from “so-called Transmitters/Receivers”

Liz: Machiventa, some of the information that comes through “so-called Transmitters/Receivers” is suspect, and in fact inaccurate, and I think this has been a problem for people to believe that when there is factual information coming through an actual Transmitter/Receiver. Can you speak to this? I don’t exactly have a question there, but it’s hard to discern sometimes what is the truth of the matter when something is claimed to be from the celestial realm.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I would be glad to answer your question. It is a matter of discernment. The classes on discernment were taught by This One in several of his workshops in South America, Mexico and the United States. The ability to discern, or the capacity of mind to use criteria of discernment for determining what is factual, what is real, what is believable and what is not is important to know. It is a skill which many people have not consciously sought to develop as a mental faculty. You may ask This One after the session, or later on as you wish for this material, if you do not have his workshop training manual.

Liz: I was speaking with Daniel earlier in the week and our Urantia Book study group is very vibrant and involved, but they are not aware of the Correcting Time, they are not interested, apparently, in the Magisterial Mission. Some of the members don’t believe that there are accurate communications with the celestial realm, and in fact, most people on the planet don’t even know about the Urantia Book or the Correcting Time. Is there something you could tell us about the timing and the scope of your mission here, and give us some suggestions as to how to get the word out?

MACHIVENTA: Your question involves at least 5 different facets to answer. First of all, we are not necessarily concerned at this time with efforts to “get the word out.” This may seem odd, but that was a function of the introduction of the Urantia Book, and its publication and dissemination and translation into many languages. That work has been explored thoroughly by the Urantia Foundation, later the Brotherhood, the Fellowship, and the International Association. We have withdrawn from involving ourselves with those divisive efforts.

[This is Daniel: It’s interesting, he’s saying, and “we’re not going to talk any more about that. This is a really interesting process of Transmitting/Receiving, because sometimes there is always some back chatter or background conversations going on, as well that I’m privy to…, which I think if I could share more easily, more often you would certainly enjoy the—not necessarily the casual nature—but the thought processes that is going on in this environment.

Liz: So that leaves the part of my question about the timing and scope of your mission here. Perhaps this is not to get the word out, but [for] ears only of those who are participating in this call and these transcripts.]

7. The timing and scope of the Mission

MACHIVENTA: Let me continue then. As you know, Christ Michael is very deliberate. He and Nebadonia have a deliberate intention for their existence here, for their work here, and for the completion and fulfillment of their work with this Local Universe. You must realize as well that their deliberateness is in keeping with that fulfillment, and this Local Universe will be fulfilled when it has totally reached the Days of Light and Life with all planets being developed and settled in the Days of Light and Life. There is a care for these planets, and for mortals who are in the ascendant program that surpasses any thought of empathy or compassion that you have within yourself, or someone you know very well. Every care has been taken to assure that each planet progresses and eventually enters into the Days of Light and Life. Business has to be taken care of on worlds that have fallen into darkness as occurred with the planets that were in the quarantine.

It is very difficult for a planet to move towards the Days of Light and Life when there is active darkness afoot in the management of a planet. This has to be resolved even if it takes 200,000 years as it took for Christ Michael to finally come to the completion after the miscreants finally admitted that they had done this and it was wrong and they really had no place left to be to exist in the universe, and so they were made as though they never existed.

Please also realize that the compassion of Christ Michael, even for the miscreants, allowed them to hold their place in the universe, even as potential planetary managers to return to the planets that they were managing. He allowed for the possibility that they would not be found guilty and returned to their former positions of authority. The long delay was incurred for the miscreants to admit and see that they were in error. Now, having that out of the way, the planets in quarantine could come under active management.

My incarnation on Urantia was done with the agreement of Father Melchizedek and others that allowed me to return to this planet thousands of years ago to re-infuse the concepts of the oneness of God. Only “recently” was I fortunate enough to be selected to become Urantia’s Planetary Manager. During the approximate 100 years of living as a mortal on your planet, I came to know many races of people, cultures and ethnic groups and individuals from the inside-out. It was an honor to be selected by Christ Michael to be the Planetary Manager. It is not as though we are starting from zero, but almost. The belief in God, the belief in an afterlife, the belief in an ascension plan, a belief that each person has a plan for their life that was given to them even before their birth is unbelievable to the vast majority of people on your world, even those who call themselves “religious,” and those religions believe in a Creator God.

Yes, we are starting almost from zero. That is why I referenced the contact personalities and Transmitter/Receivers in the early part of this session who we need to give your world a boost. It’s much like a football being kicked on the field, that it rests there and then it is kicked and it accelerates rapidly to then continue its course, its trajectory. We have a deep need for contact personalities who devote themselves and commit themselves to revealing Christ Michael’s truths to this world. The one facet that the Urantia Book was intended to do was to demonstrate that the revelation continues, that it does not cease, that it does not end, that there is revelation from one generation to another and from one month to another, one lifetime to another.

Revelation does not cease; revelation is the work of Christ Michael, of God, the First Source and Center to reveal themselves to everyone and at every opportunity, at every moment through their life that they are open to receive it. What is vastly important is that there are individuals who are willing to assist us to reveal that, and so what you hear in these Transmitting/Receiving sessions is revelation. It may seem casual; it may seem informal; it may seem that it is not really “that important,” but it is important; it is important to know that God never ceases to stop to try to embrace Its children. Christ Michael being the Creator Son of Nebadon does not cease to contact and love you and show his mercy and compassion to you, and so revelation is ongoing. It did not stop with the Urantia Book, but continues. Sometimes it is garbled; sometimes it is mistaken for some ideology; some mistake it as a new religion, a new truth and so they go sideways from the message and the course that these messages are meant to do. As you experience the work of new Transmitters/Receivers it is important that you understand and know how to practice the art of discernment.

You are in contact with the management of the universe. The Planetary Manager is the lowest level of management in the Local Universe, past the Constellations, and systems and so on. You are here speaking with the Manager of this Planet and I am not only a representative, but I stand and act in place of Christ Michael on Urantia. When you ask about discernment, discern who is speaking; discern what the message is; who is the message from? Does it speak about God? Does it speak as Christ Michael would speak to you? Does it speak to you as I would speak to you, as I did to the Bedouins so long ago? Is the message consistent with the goodness of the universe, of the intentions of God to lead you—your individual soul itself and personality to Paradise? If not, then it is not worthy of listening to. And remember, there will be many who will say “This is not the way; we know the way. You do not know the way. We are the revelation and not you.” You must discern.

8. Discernment

Discernment is an individual act of faith in what is right and what is good and what is best for the course of their life according to how Jesus lived his life. Your world needs a catapult using people who are in alignment with the way he lived his life and with how he interacted with others. The Correcting Time, the Magisterial Mission, the Teaching Mission are to catapult this world quickly into the future, a sustainable future, one that gives mortals a potential of passing through the resurrection doors onto a continuing and fulfilling ascendant journey. On our part, we see our work as progressing very rapidly, though it is getting narrower and narrower. We had begun as a hose of water through a wide nozzle with and a lot of flow. But now, our efforts are concentrated under greater pressure in a narrower stream to accomplish results in the proximate future.

Our situation now is not as it was 11 years ago. Some of you recall meeting at Unity Village in June, 2006, and you were wondering how we would proceed, and when you would meet again next. Now, we are 11 years past that and much has happened on our front and yours. We encourage you to adhere to being open to revelation. It is unfortunate that many have been discouraged from the revelation that we provide.

9. Interaction with the evils of the world

Liz: Thank you, Machiventa; that was very meaningful, very moving and I am so grateful to be part of this communication that Daniel provides for us. Another question I have: my sweet husband watched a news program about the horrible famine in Darfur, and if I am not mistaken, there are rebel thugs that are keeping the humanitarian aid from getting to the people. His heart was damaged by this news and he asked me to ask you what he personally, what we can do about a situation as rich as this one?

MACHIVENTA: Truly, the most effective thing you can do is to pray for those individuals in that situation, and pray for the means to help them survive. This is a most difficult situation. In your prayers you may wish to ask your Thought Adjuster to contact the Thought Adjusters of those individuals, both the rebels and the thugs and the victims of their behavior, to assist them to see the option of rising to a higher standard of living and thinking, with better options for life and living. We have seen this occur with many great, unexpected benefits. Having lived among people who live on a survival basis from day-to-day, month-to-month, and season-to-season, the reality is that given the situations and conditions of your world at this time, and it being vastly overpopulated, that these difficult situations will continue. You will find that there are thugs around the world who will always prey on victims, even when they themselves are in such wretched shape, and so it is the survival of the fittest; and sometimes the meanest.

You will find more and more powerful thugs along the way as the world becomes more overpopulated. There will be more and more predation among people, which is a vicious cycle of animals at the survival level. One’s empathy is useful and valuable; one’s compassion needs to be carefully nurtured so that one’s life is not squandered in the pursuit of saving individuals and situations that are unsolvable. I am not saying to abandon your humanity, but to assist those even in your local community who are marginally employed, who live marginally, and who are in the most difficult of situations. There are skills that you know you can share with others to help them be at oneness. Truly, his question is sincere and earnest.

10. Finding peace

What I am going to say next is not meant to disparage your husband’s empathy and compassion, but it is a definite option that some people take to think of the difficulties far afield, rather than that which is close to them. To put energies and thoughts and their psyche into the situation of those who are desperate so many thousand miles away, whereas in the local community, those problems are just as severe, but of a different nature. One may come closer yet to one’s own family, and the difficulties that lie between siblings or parents and children and relatives, and so on. To heal these wounds is a great thing; to offer to assist is generous and requires an immense humanity and strength in humility to do so, to heal those wounds is important for others to move on to their own maturity and development.

What work do each of you have to do to assist yourself and others to come to peace within themselves? For the ultimate peace is intrapersonal, it is between yourself and your Thought Adjuster, and those immediately around you. When you are not at peace, when you are not nourished then you shrivel and you are barely surviving from day to day. It is fortunate to be loved and to share love, to be embraced and to share embraces, to show your care and compassion in others, to recognize their needs of recognition and their presence, and to acknowledge them being with you. These are the subtleties that are deprived in many people in a vicious society that is so materialistic. I thank you for your question.

Liz: Thank you for your remarkable answer; I appreciate that. I don’t know what your travel plans are, Machiventa, but when you are in the Pacific Northwest, I would love to invite you over for dinner. I would love to cook for you!

MACHIVENTA: (Laughing.) That surely will have to be taken by someone else. There are no plans for me to materialize yet, though you can be assured that your invitation would be readily accepted when I am able to attend; you can count on that. Thank you.

Liz: That’s all the questions I have for today.

11. “Re-Inventing Christianity”

Roxie: Machiventa, I’ve finished reading Daniel’s “Re-Inventing Christianity,” and was quite impressed. Has there been any reaction to it by the audience he was aiming it at?

MACHIVENTA: No, there has not. The audience is for those individuals who have dropped out of Christianity, those who have been marginalized by their Christian religion, or those who have lapsed from their former belief. This manuscript is a resource for those who will be “in recovery,” from their former Christian beliefs in that situation and to prepare them for what is ahead. It is important that there is a holism of belief that includes views from the Urantia Book through all the manuscripts of Christianity, particularly those which are new and which interpret or reframe those old beliefs in a Loving-God Theology. Those who have read it see it as not essential to their life because they have already come over to the side of a Loving-God Theology in their own lives. It is a resource that we will use in an ongoing manner.

12. Disunity

Roxie: With August being not too far away, has there been a desired reaction to the Disunity Paper by the 3 Urantia Book organizations?

MACHIVENTA: No, there has not. There is enough disunity to validate that they each must go their own way. It is an unfortunate situation of small mindedness.

13. Parting words on progressing into the future

MACHIVENTA: Let us bring this to a close today. The situation is perplexing is it not? On one hand we are getting closer to results, and we have just begun observable implementation of our programs. On the other hand, we are moving farther away from our origins in the past, and have begun to see what is to come into focus. It is a situation of traveling across a vast, open space, an empty lake bed where the past recedes in the distance becoming less visible, and yet the far distance is not very visible either. At the moment you are on the ground which is plain and very unremarkable, and so you wonder where you are. Did we leave the groundedness of the past for the airy indefinite future? Here we are in this moment now in a very unremarkable plain situation. My friends, this plain, unremarkable situation is called “the now,” and only becomes the future by moving ahead through your active decisions to willingly move ahead with some goal in mind, some destination in mind, some intention for your travels. So, we are here to assist you, to assist this whole planet to move into the future, one day at a time, one decision at a time. This is not easy work, it may even seem boring at times to you. But what is important is that you work with us co-creatively to maintain your focus in order for us to work with you and through you. We thank you for your presence here today, for our work would not be possible without you. Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek - New Era Transition 18 - July 3, 2017 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: July 3, 2017



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