Lessons of Stillness

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Lessons of Stillness

Extractions about Stillness practice

(Source - Daynal Institute)

Question. Good evening, Welmek, this is Marty. When you tell us to listen to our stillness, can you tell us specifically why this is helpful and crucial to our spiritual growth?

Answer: It gives the spirit fragment within your mind an opportunity to refract into the superconscious mind those messages which your spirit feels necessary for your to be made aware of at your particular point in progress. If you are unable to still your mind completely, which I have observed that most of you are, do not let that interfere with your continued effort; for your spirit is great and registrations on the superconscious level will be made, and you will in time sense what the ideas are. As you become adept in this sensing, for I perceive that most of you have already experienced this at some time in your adult life, you will soon learn how to relax more and in this relaxation you will actually become consciously aware of the inner leading. It is a practice which I on my planet put into full use and within a relatively short amount of time, we were able to achieve actual Adjuster recognition.

The practice of the stillness is still of the most importance. Relax and allow. Focus on the quiet, the tranquillity, the beauty of the scene. Listen for the subtle voice of the Father through the Adjuster. Open your door to this realm of communication. The stillness will suffice all of your needs. The presence of the Father will enhance your beings. The answers and solutions to your main concerns will become evident as you progress in the stillness. We emphasize over an over again to you that you should set aside a time for this practice. It does not help for us to instruct and you, the student, not adhere to the instructions. We ask once again that you dedicate yourselves to this process. This will enable speedy communication. A fluent transmission of our messages through you and to you. Practice together and alone, seeking the stillness of our Father.

Evanson (Jonathan): I will now make comment on stillness, as Elyon has emphasized once again for you all. This is Evanson. I make these comments to provide insight into what is a distinction between what is spiritual awareness and spiritual thinking.

You have in your upbringing learned the laws of mathematics. In so doing you have come to be proficient in such techniques as addition, multiplication, and those higher applications of algebra and such. When you use these principles today in your life, you are no longer concerned with rehashing the theorems that describe how these principles work. You are capable of executing a function and deriving your answer with relative ease. Though you had at one time spent hours memorizing your multiplication tables, today they flow when you need to have a quick response, an answer that is independent of the more laborious derivations of how multiplication takes place.

Stillness is that ability to be aware of the Father even when your mind is not occupied with spiritual concepts. Stillness is the ability to be instantly able to function in service without having to prepare yourself, without having to review the original principles, truth theorems, which are thefoundations to your actions. In a sense, stillness is similar to having the ability to simultaneously express all the numbers in a multiplication table. It is whole-grasping rather than particular citing. This is why such emphasis is made by us teachers, for it encourages you to become even more capable in function; it encourages you this way far more than it will encourage you to become more enlightened, for the process of enlightenment is the process of grasping at the unattained which implies degrees of inability. Function, on the other hand, is a demonstration of attained states. Stillness is the bridge.

Just as you all in years past have grappled with the concept of fractions, today the ability to perceive proportion, percentage, and partitions happensspontaneously. It is because you have mathematical insight. This insight in a spiritual dimension is derived from stillness. It is based upon yourunderstanding but transcends this understanding . Again, I join Elyon in emphasizing the value of this practice, to be at home with the Father.

Would you expound a little bit on the importance of the mind circuits and the ramifications of what exactly the mind circuits are and how they relate to the process of this Correcting Time?

Welmek: I will respond but briefly. I do not mean to demean your question, but my friend, you ask me a technical question and there are many things that are important to understand. I can only give you a rudimentary understanding of this issue because the processes and the types of energies that are involved with this are simply not within your experience. And so, I can by way of analogy attempt to help you.

Think of electrical circuitry. All of the outlets in this apartment are or can be joined. Each of you as an individual is a physical mechanism. You have a physical brain. This brain controls the perceptions and incoming data you might say of the physical world. It is a separate reality from the spirit world, but there must be a way for spirit to communicate to your brain, to your physical self, to this individual who is accumulating experience and receiving this data from the physical world.

On all levels, including the morontia and beyond, there are mind circuits. Information, communication travels over these circuits. If you call someone, your voice, your thoughts are transmitted across this line of communication. When you speak to other humans, it is the same even when they are in the same room. The information travels across the mind circuits. Every individual is plugged in, you might say, to the mind circuit. When you communicate, the thoughts travel across the mind circuits to this other person.

Spirit also utilizes this mind circuit. It communicates its thoughts to the mind circuit and then depending upon the clarity of your consciousness, you may receive the message from spirit. Mind is essentially a mechanism, you might say, a means of communication, and this is why it is referred to as a mind circuit.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Today I desire to teach you a lesson on Stillness. (The word is capitalized due to its importance.) It is not just the Stillness of your prayers. If you would sit awhile longer in a prayerful attitude, I would get a chance to give you an answer. Here lies the problem for you as humans; when you pray for ‘something,’ you never sit still for long enough to listen and hear an answer. This is the reason why it is so difficult to ‘hear’ because you don’t train yourself in this as you are too beset with the busy-ness of life. Life would become so much easier if you would develop a calm demeanor, which, again, you can only develop in the Stillness of your heart.

Many hearts are becoming dis-eased because they are not at ease, but full of unrest. A restless heart lets you know that something is not quite right in the arena of emotional thought. The causes are often unresolved grief, unforgiveness, hurts, real or imagined, anger, bitterness, jealousy, feelings of helplessness and more. The heart never attacks but the cause of an attack is set in motion by the humans themselves. Of course the lack of sound, basic and adequate nutrition consisting of living foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their natural state can not be overlooked.

However, the main reason is still the restlessness within, a negative thought-stream, which finds itself expressed somewhere in the body as a maladjustment. Oh yes, I note your thinking: ‘What about genetics, don’t they play a role?’ Of course they do, but here again, even the DNA is be-influenced either favorably or unfavorable by the thinking pattern of the individual. Remember the phrase, ‘the sins of the parents are visited upon their children.’ Therefore, a negative attitude towards life does have its repercussions in offspring down the line. Similarly, when much fear is being inhaled by every breath the human takes, it will sooner or later have its repercussions.

The human psyche is very complex, but it is the attitude of the owner which influences this. You can now see, where I am going with the subject of Stillness. The younger a child is being taught to meditate, the sooner the habits are formed for a healthier life; a less stressful life, because it has learned to go into the Silence of its own inner heart-chamber to connect up with the Source of its being. And so the child develops a faith and trust in a benevolent Creator. Would that humans everywhere could make an effort to take time out from their stressful lives, and sit in a prayerfull attitude with an inner ear poised to ’hear’ an answer from their own Still Small Voice!

This would lead to a calmer demeanor as they learn to carry the Stillness as their auric energy field about them, become less frazzled, and the whole mental, emotional and physical system would then benefit by the cultivation of the spiritual part of themselves.