Eternal Survival

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Raymond Benjamins
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Eternal Survival



You will know by answering these questions:

1)    Do you love that which is good?
2)    Do you loathe that which is evil?
3)    Do you earnestly seek that which is true?
4)    Do you embrace the truth once you have discovered it?5)    Are you poised to renounce and abandon error once you have discovered it?6)    Do you really love God?
7)    Do you really love His perfection?
8 )    Would you like to be godly?
9)    Are you in love with righreousness?
10)  Are you bold when it comes to what is right?
11)  Would you really like others to partake of the happiness you have found with God?
12)  Is God your obsession, your favorite hobby, your favorite pastime?
13)  What MOST occupies your thoughts?
14)  What is your MOST preferred subject of conversation?
15)  Do you love the light of God?
16)  Would you like it if all men could read your thoughts?
17)  Do you rejoice that God knows everything about you?18)  Are you aware of any flaw in your character that you know makes you dissimilar to God, and are you prepared and willing to renounce such?
19)  Are you thrilled to learn about Jesus of Nazareth / Michael of Nebadon?
20)  Would you like to establish a very close relationship between yourself and Jesus Christ Michael?
21)  Are you enamored of the Father Who is within you?
22)  Are you very careful to be attentive to the voice of your Father Within?
23)  Are to resolved to be obedient to the promptings of the voice of Goodness?
24)  Do you really love your fellow man?
25)  Do you seek to do good to your fellow man at every oppurtunity?
26)  Do you trust and rely on power from above to make you as good as you would like to be?
27)  Do you at this present moment feel like you are in Heaven?

If you can answer each of the above questions and feel good about your answers, then I will be delighted to accompany you upon the marvelous adventures of the Grand Universe, the Master Universe, and the Infinite Universe!

Welcome to SURVIVAL!

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There are very wisdom

There are very wisdom questions. The number 13 – “What MOST occupies your thoughts?” is essential for me to remember all the time. It helps. Thank you, Raymond.  

Raymond Benjamins
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When it comes to that which

When it comes to that which is required in order to obtain salvation, in order to be saved, in order to survive in the eternal ages, there is very little to say.

Why is that?

Because it is in the nature of the benign and holy God, our Universal Father, to make His most precious gift of all, eternal survival, accessible to those who know the least.  

Who are they who know the least?  They are children.  And of such are the kingdom of Heaven.  Therefore thus God reveals His secrets to His little ones, the babes.

What is there to know about salvation?  It is very simply this:  We cannot save ourselves.  But we can will to be saved.  God can do and accomplish all things.  Only the perfect can enter into the perfection of Heaven, which is Paradise / Havona.  Wheretofore, a child who wills to be perfect and looks to his Father to make him so is saved.

The less you say in the winning of souls, the more effectively will you reach them and bring them into the arms of a loving God.  Only "little ones" will be drawn to salutary truths.

"In the multitude of words, there shall not be wanting sin." 

                   (Proverbs 10:19)

"For every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."       

             (Matthew 12:36)

Raymond Benjamins